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Dreaming Of A Dead Person Talking To You: 15 Possible Meanings

Dreaming Of A Dead Person Talking To You: 15 Possible Meanings

You’re freaking out. Of course, you are. Dreaming of a dead person talking to you isn’t all that enjoyable. Even less so when you have no idea what it all means!

Do you just miss them, or does the issue go much deeper? Do you have to read Freud’s books on dream interpretation to figure it all out?

Of course not!

I am here to save you a lot of time by giving you 15 different meanings of this type of dream. Now, let’s see what kind of sign the Universe is sending you!

Dreaming Of A Dead Person Talking To You: 15 Possible Meanings

If you want to find out why you are dreaming of a dead person talking to you, check out these 17 reasons:

1. Embracing change is difficult for you

Think about what has changed in your life recently.

Have you started talking to someone new? Have you found a new job?

If that’s causing you stress, it’s understandable that you dream of a dead person talking to you. Death symbolizes transformation… transition into something new.

It’s normal that you need some time to adapt. Don’t be hard on yourself for not being able to do it right away. Nobody ever does – they only pretend.

You dream of a deceased person because you’re afraid to face your issues in your waking life. Once you do, you will realize… you are exactly where you need to be.

2. You’re distant from your loved ones

Was it difficult to talk to the dead person in your dream? Maybe you talked over the phone, and the connection was bad?

Or, maybe you saw them talking, but their words couldn’t reach you?

If so, you might want to reevaluate your current relationships.

Is there anyone in your life right now you’re not on good terms with? Do you have anything you’d like to say to them but don’t know how?

Well, then your dream means that you need to muster the courage to start a conversation with them. Don’t let fear distance you from your loved ones.

3. You’re on the right path

Dreaming about the dead is not always so bad. What if the person was smiling at you?

Maybe it was your dead parents or a deceased relative that meant a lot to you. This dream brought you comfort and hope.

You’ve probably had doubts about a recent decision you’ve made. You weren’t sure it was the right choice, but your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that it indeed was.

On the other hand, maybe your dead loved ones tried to communicate how proud they are of you. They are cheering for you and telling you that your time is coming.

4. Your past is haunting you

If the person in your dream asked you for help, you could still be troubled by something you didn’t do in the past.

You’re suppressing your emotions in real life, but your dreams have a way of reminding you of your past mistakes and unresolved issues.

That person could be your dead brother or sister or a dead friend you weren’t there for when they needed you.

You never got over the feelings of guilt, so your subconscious self is trying to make things right this time.

Sadly, you can’t change the past. But, you CAN be different NOW. Help people whenever you can because there’s nothing more rewarding than having a pure heart.

5. Are you ready for a surprise?

Dreaming of a dead person talking to you could also be a good sign. If it were your dead grandparents, you could be in for a surprise!

You will soon hear news or experience something that will bring a lot of joy to your life.

On the other hand, if your dead grandparents were offering to help you with a problem, you might soon find yourself in a difficult situation.

Since you’re dreaming about it, a part of you senses that you’re about to find yourself in a dangerous situation.

But, worry not! Just let your intuition guide you. Now that you know what this kind of dream might signify, you can be on the lookout.

6. You’re stuck in your bubble

Was the deceased person inviting you to go somewhere with them?

The meaning of that kind of dream depends on how you felt.

If you were excited, you’re probably expecting or hoping for a great opportunity to knock on your door. (My humble advice: Don’t wait for the knock. Go and get what you want yourself.)

On the other hand, if you were TERRIFIED and didn’t know what was waiting for you when you got there, it’s probably hard for you to get out of your comfort zone. The unknown scares you, even more so when you’re all alone.

You might want to contemplate the message this dream has for you, that message being: All truly wonderful things exist OUTSIDE of your comfort zone.

7. You lack emotional support

We all need someone to rely on, someone who will listen to us crying for hours about something that makes us sad.

Was the dead person in your dream offering you their love and support?

If you don’t have a support system in your life right now, then it’s understandable that you’re dreaming of a dead person talking to you.

You’re looking for their advice in your sleep because you don’t have anyone to turn to when you wake up. And that’s okay. But, you might want to consider some alternatives.

Instead of bottling it up, it’s time to do some soulwork. Sit down with your feelings. If you prefer, you can vent to a friend or even find a therapist.

Something is clearly bothering you, and you need to address it.

8. You don’t want death knocking at your door

Death is something we’re all afraid of. But, living day to day, we tend to forget that life isn’t going to last forever.

If you were dreaming of a dead person talking to you, then you’re probably going through a phase where you’re very much aware of your own mortality.

Maybe someone you know has died recently and triggered your fear. Whatever it is, the fear has become so intense that it’s started showing in your sleep.

You can’t stand not knowing what comes after, or you’re just afraid of what you would do if someone close to you just stopped existing.

Either way, know that your emotions are valid. BUT, my mere mortal, see this as a wake up call: You only live once. Make sure you enjoy it.

9. You’re still in pain

And, of course, the most common reason of all: this person’s death affected you deeply, and you still miss them very much.

If you lost someone very dear to you, like a close family member or a best friend, it’s understandable that you need a lot of time to process what happened.

It’s not easy to let go of someone who meant a lot to you. It’s not easy to accept that you will never see them again. But, eventually, you will get used to it.

For now, allow yourself to grieve. Take all the time you need, but know that better things are coming your way. Just trust the Universe.

10. Use your time more wisely

If a dead relative or dead friend came to you in your dream, it might mean much more than you just missing them…

When you look back, how much time did you devote to this person? Did you refuse to hang out with them more? If you could go back in time, would you change things?

If all these questions lead to regrets, such dreams about dead people may be hiding an important message:

It’s okay to focus on yourself and your goals. But, don’t forget how beautiful it is to have someone to share it all with.

Open your heart and show your loved ones how much they mean to you in any way that feels natural to you. Make sure you don’t end up with even more regrets…

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11. You have a confession to make

Dreaming of a dead person talking to you can also mean that you have something to tell THEM – something you didn’t dare to say while they were alive.

Maybe you dream of having a conversation with your dead mother because you never told her how much you loved her.

Or maybe you kept a secret from your dead father, and it’s still bothering you that they never found out…

Whatever it is, this unfinished business is torturing you, so you heal your sad soul the only way you can – by venting to the person in your dream.

However, if you’re interested in my advice, I would say that it would be very healthy for you to talk to someone else. What’s done is done. Don’t look back because you can’t change the past.

But, what you CAN do is learn from it. Make sure you always say whatever is on your mind. You’ll be glad afterwards.

12. Have faith in your own abilities

Dreaming of a dead person talking to you could also be a good sign. If they ask for your help with something, your dream could be telling you that you should have unwavering faith.

Since other people are ready to rely on you, what you have to say clearly has an impact. It’s time you start appreciating what you have to offer.

Next time you’re going through a hard time, do whatever it is you do when someone else asks for your help. You deserve your own time and effort.

And don’t forget that you attract what you are, so if you start believing in yourself, good things will come your way.

13. You aren’t ready to face the facts

What if you had a dream of a dead person telling you that they’re actually alive?

That ought to be traumatizing…. When you woke up, you probably experienced the loss all over again because the dream gave you hope.

And that’s exactly where your problems lie: in your inability to accept that your loved one passed away.

You can’t stand the void in your life, so you keep refusing to think about what happened.

You don’t let it sink in because the moment you allow it to enter your thoughts, you get overwhelmed with sadness.

Dreams are often a way for us to fulfill our wishes, yours being that the person you hold dear is still alive. And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with how you feel.

However, you might want to let it all in… Suppressing your feelings is never good for your overall well-being.

14. You’re burning bridges

This type of dream might also be a way for you to deal with the end of a relationship.

Maybe you have just broken up with your partner, or you intend to but aren’t sure how to tell them.

Either way, your current situation is weighing heavily on you. You’ve gotten so used to this person, and now they’re suddenly not going to be a part of your life anymore.

On the other hand, maybe God’s trying to tell you that you need to let go.

Maybe the weight has been LIFTED off your shoulders because you deserve much better than what they offered you.

Protect your energy and move on.

15. You are never truly alone

It’s never easy to deal with the death of someone close to you, especially if they made you feel so loved.

So, if you dream of a dead person talking to you, it may just be a reminder for you that even though they aren’t there physically, they still support you.

They aren’t really gone because what you experienced together is a part of you.

You probably picked up a lot of their traits, you retell the jokes they once made, and you talk about how much you loved them.

So, the next time you think you’ll die from loneliness, remember the old times and hold on to them.

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Dreaming Of A Dead Person Talking To You: Biblical Meaning

You could be dreaming of a dead person talking to you because God sees that you feel lost. This could be His way of helping you deal with grief.

Once you deal with your emotions, you will finally experience joy.

This type of dream could also be a test of your faith. People who accept the death of a loved one and their own mortality are those who don’t question God.

So, the next time you struggle to accept a situation, remember to trust God because everything happens for a reason.

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Final Thoughts

Oh, wow, it’s not as bad as one might think! Dreaming of a dead person talking to you is so often a good sign.

​Even when it’s not, you can still find a silver lining – you can figure out what’s been bothering you in order to finally get it out of your head.

To sum up the entire article: Deal with your feelings, and always tell people how they make you feel.

Life is too short to keep our emotions hidden.