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What A Virgo Man Wants To Hear: 15 Things To Tell Him

What A Virgo Man Wants To Hear: 15 Things To Tell Him

A Virgo man is a keeper. He’s gentle, caring, and loyal and has a way of making you feel special. He’s a perfectionist, after all, and known for being picky. So, having chosen you, he must think that you’re the best.

He’s brilliant and sensitive, so the way to a Virgo man’s heart is through sincerity. He’s too smart and perceptive to be fed lines that some other men might enjoy. What a Virgo man wants to hear are your honest feelings that show you understand and appreciate him.

If you have a Virgo crush or are already in a relationship and want to let him know that he’s your guy, keep reading for suggestions on how to best formulate your thoughts.

Do You Know What A Virgo Man Wants To Hear From You?

When you first meet him, you might get frustrated until he relaxes around you. He’s shy at first, but when he gets to know you and lets you in, you’ll fall in love without noticing. Virgo has a way of charming you just by being his brilliant, sensitive self.

He can stay single until he finds the perfect lover. When he does, he’s loving and devoted, as long as you stay true and don’t disappoint him. If your Virgo decides you’re compatible, it means you’ve met his high standards.

How to make a Virgo man open up and show you why he’s the perfect partner for a long-term relationship:

1. “I feel like I can tell you anything.”

The ruling planet of this star sign is Mercury, the planet of communication. Virgo is intelligent, and his analytical mind is always working. He knows how to express his thoughts, so if he’s quiet, it means that he’s listening.

If he seems quiet and aloof, it’s because he enjoys listening. Particularly while you’re still getting to know each other, he’ll spend more time listening than talking.

A Virgo gives you his undivided attention and finds even the smallest details you tell him interesting. He’s going to remember the little things you tell him for a long time. This can make you feel like you can tell a Virgo man secrets that you wouldn’t tell your closest friend.

Still, keep in mind that he’s appraising you and trying to determine if you’re a good match, so be honest with him. Virgo is clever and observant, and it’s no use trying to embellish the truth when talking to him.

2. “You take good care of me.”

Virgo likes to be of service. More than anything, he wants to take care of his partner, which is his way of showing how much he loves you. He’s nurturing and compassionate, and instead of grand romantic gestures, he’s more likely to pamper you in everyday ways (although he is a romantic at heart.)

Your well-being is of utmost importance to him, and he shows it in practical ways. He’s the guy who’ll pick you up and carry you if you get a shoe bite, fix something in your apartment, and solve your problems – anything to make your life easier.

When a Virgo man loves you, he’ll always be there for you. He’ll come running when you call and even change his carefully made plans and forget about his precious habits. Let him know how much you appreciate it.

3. “I will support you.”

A Virgo man is as deep in his feelings and sensitive as a Cancer man. He’s a kind soul who can dedicate himself to taking care of others, so be someone who can, in turn, watch over him. He’ll always need your support, although he might never ask for it.

He can be critical but not for his own sake – he keeps himself and others to high standards. However, underneath a seemingly cold exterior is a gentle and shy person who will do anything for his loved ones. Virgos put others’ needs above their own and enjoy making the people they love happy.

Virgo will encourage you and have your back. He’ll help you in any way he can, and thanks to his diverse abilities, that means a lot. A Virgo man will support you, so give back and show him you have his back too.

4. “You’re excellent at ~.”

His brilliant intellect and charisma can make him as good a leader as an Aries man, although he isn’t particularly interested in it. Virgo is critical and particular and likes things done his way, so he’d rather do them himself.

Virgos are those people who are good at everything they do. If they apply themselves, they can easily become experts. They like to work on things and their skills, and they always strive for perfection. They become anxious and annoying if they don’t have something to do. Keep your Virgo busy!

Compliment him on things he’s skilled at and that he likes to do to show how much you appreciate him. Be genuine about your compliments to show that you’re paying attention to him and appreciate him.

A Virgo man is perceptive, and he’ll recognize flattery, so honesty should always be the basis of your communication.

5. “Your ~ is beautiful.”

A detail-oriented perfectionist who is very precise doesn’t sound like someone who would be creative, but it’s perhaps just those qualities that make Virgos successful in creative pursuits.

They need things to make sense, and they’re able to create order from chaos and make room for inspiration.

Their planet, Mercury, rules expression, and coupled with Virgo’s endless potential, this translates into the ability to express himself in various ways. It doesn’t necessarily have to be art, although it often is.

Perhaps it’s meaningful body art that he painstakingly selected, a garden he enjoys tending to, or the near neurotic way that he keeps his things organized. Compliment areas of his life and his creations because they are a reflection of his inner self.

6. “It’s OK if we don’t talk about it right now.”

Although a Virgo man is searching for a woman who can hold her own when it comes to conversation, he’ll appreciate it if you can give him space when he needs it and reserve judgment.

Virgos can be difficult. Their meticulous and critical natures tend to make them blunt, and he’ll tell you things you might not want to hear. You might be tempted to fire back and point out his weaknesses, but you can find some empathy if you remember that he’s even more critical of himself.

A Virgo is more likely than not an introvert, and he likes to have space and alone time. You’ll make him feel comfortable around you if you don’t ask too many questions about some of his more peculiar habits and let him come to you when he’s ready.

This isn’t to say that you need to coddle him and walk on eggshells. In fact, be direct and honest with a Virgo, but practice compassion and understanding.

7. “Let’s hang out.”

The one thing everyone associates with Virgo is his quest for perfection. Even before he asks you out, he will study you and try to get to know you until he makes sure you’re perfect for him. When he decides that he likes you, he’ll be shy until he can get a grip on his feelings.

For these reasons, Virgo doesn’t like to rush things. Asking him out on a formal date will be overwhelming, so try to keep things casual by asking him to hang out. It can be in a group setting or something where you participate in a shared interest.

Prone to overthinking and possessing an analytical mind, Virgo takes time to develop relationships. He has to wait to make sure everything is perfect, but when he chooses you, you’ll become his most important person.

A Virgo man will treat you with care and do whatever he thinks you’ll like. He’s a romantic at heart, and grand romantic gestures aren’t out of the question.

8. “I have something for you.”

A Virgo man is very particular, and that extends to his taste. He knows exactly what appeals to him, and he’s as vocal about his likes and dislikes as a Scorpio man.

On the other hand, Virgos rarely consider their own needs, so he won’t let you know that he wants something. Show him that you’ve been paying attention and figure out how to surprise him with a meaningful giftshow him that he deserves to be spoiled.

He’ll be particularly impressed if you give him something custom-made for him. If it’s his style, even better. A Virgo man likes beautiful things for his own definition of beauty. He likes simple things that have a purpose but with an aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, he’ll appreciate the initiative, as he’s attracted to women who are both kind and confident.

9. “I really liked that thing you did last night.”

Virgo isn’t quite the virgin he’s sometimes thought to be – he’s just picky, but people misinterpret it as non-action. He takes a lot of time to get to know someone and initiate physical contact.

Short-term relationships aren’t his thing. If you’re having sex, feelings are probably already involved.

Don’t get too sexual with him too soon. Sexy text messages won’t be a turn-on until he’s decided that he’s seen enough to let you in. At that time, Mercury, the planet of communication, will help him unleash the sexting and dirty talk he’s been saving up.

Perfectionists in everything, Virgos try to do their best in bed too. He will practice until he improves his sexual techniques. Virgo easily adapts to his partner, and he’s attentive and sensitive. His priority is to keep you happy and satisfy you.

He probably has a thing or two he’s particularly good at, most likely something to do with his hands and mouth. Let him know how much you enjoyed it the next time.

10. “Tell me more about ~.”

To keep a Virgo man interested, you need to be able to match his intellect. He excels at rational thinking and problem-solving.

If you’re into intelligence, Virgo is the man for you. He has a quick mind and a quick wit, which makes conversation with him fun. Virgo wants a partner who can keep up with the conversation and has knowledge of the topics you’re talking about.

To make him feel appreciated, show genuine interest in the things that he likes and works on. He will value your opinion and, in return, show interest in things you want to talk about.

A Virgo man gives his heart to a partner who can be his equal. He appreciates confidence and intelligence and is looking for someone who will give him support and ease the burden of his quest for perfection.

A Capricorn woman or a Taurus woman have the highest level of compatibility with a Virgo man in this sense, but it’s not limited to only these two signs. See the part about compatibility below for more information.

11. “You did a good job.”

Like the other earth signs, Virgos are practical and have a logical approach to problem-solving. When they have a passion, they are hardworking and easily become exceptionally good at things when they put their minds to it.

Virgo’s need for things to make sense and be efficient gives him endless energy and drive to keep working. He has a deep need to fix things, to make them better.

Driven by his humanitarian nature and sense of duty, he often uses his talents for the greater good. He wants to make the world better and feels fulfilled when he’s helping people.

A Virgo man’s perfectionist attitude can sometimes take things too far and make him feel like he can always do better. This can see him developing self-doubt and a lack of confidence, which is why having someone to encourage and support him is so important.

12. “You make me laugh.”

If you haven’t before had a Virgo guy in your life and only knew about him from reading horoscopes, you’d never know how funny he is. His fast mind can find humor in most things, and he’s that person who can’t wait for something funny to happen so he can laugh.

Virgo has a quirky, unexpected wit, which will pull surprised laughter out of you when you get his joke. He likes making other people’s lives better, so he doesn’t hesitate to act silly to brighten people’s moods. Mercury gives him the talent for words, so be prepared to banter.

You won’t get to see shiny wit, however, until he relaxes around you or if he’s in an environment where he’s already comfortable, such as surrounded by close friends. Virgo is cautious and self-conscious, so if he’s relaxed around you enough to crack jokes, you’ll know you made it into his heart.

13. “Can you help me?”

Once you’re important to a Virgo man, he’ll always be by your side when you need him. He thrives on being able to provide service to others.

This is your knight in shining armor, but he’s not in it for the glory but because he wants to protect you and make your life easier. Call for him, and he’ll be there.

Virgo possesses a kind soul, and he won’t hesitate to act against injustice. He’s genuinely helpful and sympathetic to other people’s troubles. You can compare his level of sensitivity to that of a Pisces man, and he’s as loyal and dependable as a Taurus man.

Even though he’s reserved at first, Virgo enjoys building relationships and creating a support system that both of you can rely on. He’ll help you and encourage you, but don’t let him be the only one. This has to go both ways: he’ll be there for you, but you have to be there for him too.

14. “I love you the way you are.”

If you have a Virgo in your life, you know how cute he can be. They often look younger than they are because of their big, shiny eyes and because they blush easily. A Virgo male can have the kind of beauty a woman might envy.

Virgo starts out shy, but when he becomes confident and comfortable, he’ll let you see the charming man with a sense of humor that he is. He overthinks and analyses himself and his interactions a lot, so the road he takes to get there can be long.

He seems in control of the situation, but inside, he’s anxious and stressed. He’s not the one to play mind games and doesn’t tolerate them in other people.

The way to make him relax and open his heart is to be honest and genuine and make him feel accepted, neuroses and all.

15. “Let’s do laundry.”

This isn’t even a joke tip. We all know that a Virgo can be a bit of a neat freak. He’s detail-oriented and likes things to be in a certain order. This applies to his surroundings, his everyday life, and, above all, his mind.

A Virgo man loves things to be orderly, but he can also be messy – in every sense of the world. The mess is still an organized one. A Virgo is aware of life’s contradictions thanks to his ruling planet, Mercury, and some Virgos decide to choose chaos over order.

Regardless, Virgo is the zodiac sign most likely to have a favorite fabric softener. They have sensitive noses and enjoy nice smells as much as they enjoy a neat appearance.

Show initiative and spend some useful yet fun time together while you wait for the laundry to finish.

Virgo Man Compatibility

Best matches: Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer

Can work out: Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini

It’s important to remember that in addition to the sun sign, lots of other aspects of the zodiac determine compatibility. Relationship astrology compares birth charts of two people to determine how they relate to each other.

The moon, Venus, and Mars play a very important role when it comes to romantic relationships. The moon rules emotions and reactions, Venus influences what type of partner you’re attracted to, and Mars is responsible for sexual compatibility.

For instance, it’s often said that Virgo has low compatibility with Libra, but one of the most loving, stable couples I know is just that pairing. So if you’re unsure, check your whole birth chart.

Go Get Your Virgo

The big question is, how to connect with a Virgo man? Here are some final thoughts.

A Virgo is reserved until he gets to know you, and then he becomes entertaining and charming, an interesting conversationalist with complex, creative ideas and varied knowledge.

He keeps his gentle heart behind a wall, waiting to find the perfect person to share it with.

He’s intelligent, gentle, reliable, and also critical, anxious, and an overthinker. Virgo’s positive and negative personality traits have a great impact on his love life, but what does it mean for you? Do you know what a Virgo man wants to hear?

In a nutshell, he wants to feel appreciated and understood, but that’s what everyone wants, isn’t it? In Virgo’s case, this means accepting his quirks and acknowledging his actions and feelings.

Being with a Virgo has its challenges, but the rewards are great. If you manage to make him feel secure and loved, you’ll have a loyal partner who will support and care for you for a long time.