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He Stopped Texting Me – What Does It Mean & What To Do?

He Stopped Texting Me – What Does It Mean & What To Do?

He stopped texting me! A sentence so simple but yet so painful. A sentence that carries so many lost hopes and dreams. Every girl’s worst nightmare.

You know how it goes.

You are seeing and texting a guy for a while. He replies, you follow up and it seems as if everything is going smoothly.

Then, all of a sudden, everything stops. Last night, you exchanged cute goodnight texts but the next day, he simply didn’t respond to your good morning message.

You keep on staring at your phone screen, waiting for his phone number to pop up. But nothing happens.

A few days pass by and still- nothing. After two weeks or a month, you have no other choice but to admit that he ghosted you.

You’ll survive- you know that. But it’s perfectly natural for you to wonder why he did this.

You talk to your best friend, you rewind your entire conversation back and forth but the answer is nowhere to be found.

Well, that’s because you haven’t run into me before. I won’t just tell you why he stopped texting you all of a sudden- I’ll also give you some dating advice on how to react when this happens.

Not only that: you’ll also learn how to notice all the red flags that a guy might ghost you, so you can run for your life on time. All you have to do is lay back and read on!

What Does It Mean When A Guy Stops Texting?

I’ll be 100% honest with you here: when a guy stops texting you, it usually means he doesn’t care about you. Or at least, he doesn’t care as much as you do. But that’s not the only possible reason for his change of behavior.

Maybe he is insecure or has been too busy lately. Maybe you two don’t want the same things or he is playing games.

The possibilities are endless. That’s why I’m bringing you the list of reasons behind this drop-off, explained in detail.

He is busy

Let’s not jump to conclusions and assume the worst-case scenario right away. I know how most women think: He stopped texting me so it must mean he’s not interested anymore.

I’ll be honest with you- this is a possibility, as well. But it’s not the only option.

For starters, why wouldn’t you give him the benefit of the doubt? Maybe he isn’t trying to ghost you or anything like that- maybe he just doesn’t have the time to text you.

I know what you must think right now: “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way.” But please, keep in mind that the two of you are probably just at the beginning of your romance.

It means that he wants to give you his full attention whenever he’s talking to you. He prefers not to text you at all over starting a conversation and then sending you one-word replies.

If this is the case, you should be happy to have this all-or-nothing kind of guy.

Maybe he stopped texting you because he is super busy at work and he can’t take a break to talk to you.

You don’t need to panic right away but wait until the evening and then see what happens.

If he doesn’t reply after he has got home then you can text him to see what is happening.

I am sure he will have a reason good enough for not contacting you. Instead of asking him what he’s been up to, give him time to tell you where he’s been on his own.

This way, you won’t get perceived as too pushy. On the upside, he’ll think that you weren’t worried about him ghosting you. It will show him that you don’t need him.

And if he already showed you that he likes you, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Is he lying to you?

The ultimate question: how can you know if he’s lying to you? He’ll come back into your life- there is no doubt about that.

And he’ll tell you he’s been busy. But how do you know if he’s being honest or just using this as an excuse?

The best way to get to the bottom of things is to check his social media activity. If a guy doesn’t have time to text you, he won’t have time to like other girls’ photos or to post a bunch of stories either.

On the other hand, if he’s been active on his social media accounts- he hasn’t been busy- he just chose not to text you.

He thinks you are pushy

Some women can be very pushy, especially at the beginning of a relationship. And some guys really don’t like it.

Look, I don’t judge you for this behavior. Actually, I understand you perfectly.

You like a guy. You like him a lot. And it seems that he likes you back.

The first impulse you have is to keep him by your side forever. You don’t plan on letting this one get away.

Counterproductive effect

Besides, you feel those long-forgotten butterflies all over again. Naturally, you want to spend every second of your free time next to the person who makes you feel this amazing.

Of course, that’s utterly impossible since you both have your jobs, friends, hobbies.. you have separate lives.

So what do you do the moment you miss him? (And to be honest, you miss him all the time)

Well, you send him a text message. What do you do if you don’t get the text back?

You keep on messaging him, regardless of who sent the last text.

I hate to break your bubble but he won’t find this cute. This type of behavior won’t make him fall in love with you more.

On the contrary, all of your texts will probably suffocate him. You’ll just chase him away with this clingy behavior.

So, whatever you do, don’t smother him with texts. Let him make the first move.

He is the one who should make an effort if he wants to win you over. Play hard to get for a while and if you see that he is a good guy, then give him a chance.

And yes, ‘smother’ him in person, I bet he will prefer that more.

You said something that offended him

Most girls who think: “He stopped texting me out of nowhere” refuse to analyze the entire situation objectively.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that you are to blame for the way this guy ghosted you but hey, it’s possible for you to carry a part of the responsibility.

Maybe you have said something that is not bad at all but it offended your guy and now he just needs some time to think about it.

There are things that men and women don’t understand in the same way so don’t be too harsh on him.

Just give him some time and he will get back to you. And once you get to know him better, you will know what things he likes and which ones can piss him off.

Apologize and then let him be

For starters, try replaying your conversations in your head. Begin with your first date and continue until this very moment.

When did he change? Did something out of the ordinary happen before he disappeared?

Forget about your impressions and try looking at things from his perspective. Maybe you were just joking about something silly and seemingly unimportant but he took it seriously.

Try figuring out if his tone of voice or body language changed at some point. Did things go downhill from there?

Once you understand what you said or did wrong, apologize. Don’t push him too hard and don’t write any essay-long texts.

Just say that you’ve realized your mistake and that you’re sorry. If he doesn’t respond, stop texting him.

Give him some time to process things. Trust me- he’ll get back to you.

You are always the first one who gets in touch with him

I understand that you like that guy and that you would like to talk to him non-stop. But pump your brakes for a second and think like a guy.

If he sees that you are always the first one to text him, he might lose interest in you.

So wait for him to text you first and show him that you have a good life even if he is not there.

Don’t let him see you are depressed when he is not around but behave totally normal, no matter how much you like him.

One of the common reasons why guys don’t text girls is actually pretty simple: they don’t have to.

Even if you don’t get a phone call or a text message from him for days, you’ll always be the first one to reach out.

Sadly, he’s gotten used to you doing all the work. I know this is the last thing you had on mind but somewhere along the way, you gave him a sign that he doesn’t have to put any effort around you.

It doesn’t matter whether he texts you or not- you’ll behave the same. You’re just being too available

You’ll be the one initiating conversation, you’ll ask to see him face to face and you’ll keep this relationship alive, even if he doesn’t move an inch.

So, what inspires him to put in an effort? Nothing- that’s right. So, don’t text him and he will text you for sure.

Taking you for granted

Whether you’d like to admit this or not, the bitter truth is that this guy is taking you for granted. He assumes that you’ll always be there, even if he doesn’t do anything to keep you around.

Why wouldn’t you do something about that? For a change, stop texting him so often.

I know what you must be thinking now: “He stopped texting me, I must send him a message before he forgets all about me.”

Wrong! Actually, that’s the worst thing you might do at this point.

Instead, analyze your behavior. Go back to your conversations and see who sent more texts and who was the one who initiated conversations.

I already know the answer but the point is for you to figure it out.

He doesn’t want the same thing as you do

The opposite sex is not always so easy to understand. You know how they say- Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

Sometimes, a guy sends you all the signals that he wants to label your relationship and make things official. It seems that he sees you as girlfriend material and you expect him to take your relationship to the next level every day now.

But what happened instead? He ghosted you as if he never cared about you at all.

Well, this could be his way of telling you that you misinterpreted things. He is not looking for a relationship and therefore, there is no need for you to talk all the time.

This is not the guy who’ll be sending you good morning and good night texts. Instead, he’ll probably text you the next time you cross his mind or when he gets bored.

(Maybe you want something serious and on the other hand, he just wants something casual.

That can be the reason he stops texting you even if things were fine between the two of you.) izbrisati

If nothing changes and you see that you are the only one trying, sit and talk to him openly.

It is okay if the two of you have different expectations but it would be nice for him to admit that to you. You surely don’t deserve someone who will string you along and make a fool out of you.

You are only his booty call

Guys can be very sneaky and make you believe they really care about you when they’re actually just trying to get inside your pants.

It’s not like he can tell you that he isn’t interested in anything besides sleeping with you. Well, technically he can but if he sees that you’re catching feelings, it’s easier to pretend he cares about you as well.

So, if he texts you only late at night and all his texts have a sexual context, then you should know that you are only his booty call.

Maybe he is texting other girls at the same time and he just waits for replies from all of you.

You shouldn’t put up with a guy like that, not even for a second, so tell him to back off and live your life in peace. Bear in mind that it is better to be alone than in bad company.

You shared too much personal information with him

Once again, let’s not forget that in most cases, men think differently than women.

Let’s take this as an example. You meet a guy who tells you a lot about himself from the very start.

How do you react? Well, you’re probably delighted. You’re happy you’ve finally found a man who doesn’t have some imaginary walls built around his heart.

You’ve run into a guy who is open about his past and who has no trouble letting you in.

Nevertheless, when the opposite situation occurs- when a man meets a woman who opens up right away, he sees it as oversharing.

If you told him your life story and you don’t know him well, chances are that he might be scared and that is the main reason he doesn’t text you back.

That’s why you should never share anything important with a guy until you get to know him better.

A guy gets cold feet when a woman he likes opens up to him because he thinks she wants to get married immediately. I know they think in a strange way but that is how they are.

He is already in a relationship

Are you positive that this guy is single? Is it possible that he stopped texting you because his wife or GF came back from a business trip or is just around more?

You see, there are men who won’t commit actual adultery. But they don’t mind having an emotional affair and think that texting is harmless.

They’re married or in a relationship but that doesn’t stop them from being active on online dating sites. These men will call you on FaceTime but won’t ask to see you face to face in real life.

Instead, they’ll probably ask for your pics or engage in some sexting. Of course, they will only text you when their SO is not around.

Nevertheless, the second things start getting a little more serious, they will probably just disappear.

If you suspect this has happened to you, try looking for this man’s other profiles on social media. Here is a pro tip: use someone else’s profile to look for him because he probably blocked you.

I’m sure you’ll find traces of his real life if you dig deep enough.

He uses you as an ego boost

It hurts but it is true—some guys will text you only to see if you will fall for them. And when that happens, they will totally play the ghost.

They will pretend that you don’t exist or they will figure out that you want a relationship with them.

Guys like that are real jerks but they will do it with a lot of women just for an ego boost.

It is like a drug for them and they can’t control their behavior.

He doesn’t want to be too pushy

They hate to admit this but men get insecure as well. If you’re dealing with a shy guy, he might stop texting you just because he’s afraid he’s being too pushy.

This is especially true if he’s been the one initiating most of your communication until now. He is giving you space to contact him because he doesn’t want to appear too needy.

This is actually a good thing because it’s a clear sign he’s growing some strong feelings for you.

He got scared

When you’re dealing with an emotionally unavailable guy who’s catching feelings for the first time in his life, it’s likely that he’ll chicken out. These emotions are something he doesn’t know how to handle and that’s why he’s hiding them.

On one hand, he’s perfectly aware he’s crazy about you. But at the same time, he’s scared of heartbreak.

He is terrified that you might leave him so he decides to do it first. He has the urge to escape this situation and that’s exactly what he does.

Of course, he doesn’t have the courage to tell you that he wants out. He knows that he would change his mind if he talked to you so instead, he decides to disappear from your life.

He’s just not that into you

You can be the prettiest, the funniest, and the smartest girl in the world. You can be girlfriend material and you can do everything by the book but even then, there will be men who won’t like you.

To be exact, there will be men who won’t like you enough to put some effort around you.

And that’s okay- we’re all human beings with our personal preferences. A guy doesn’t have to have a reason for not liking you enough.

Nevertheless, he should have the decency to tell you this. A good guy would let you move on instead of keeping you on hold.

He’s in a new relationship

If you two have been texting for a while but nothing real has happened, it’s possible that he found another girl in the meantime. He can be in a new relationship or he might just meet someone he liked more than you so he lost interest in texting you that much.

This shouldn’t ruin your self-esteem. Please, don’t compare yourself with this new girl.

Accept that you two were not meant to be and move on.

Yes, he should have had the courage to tell you this directly instead of just vanishing. But hey, trust me- you dodged a bullet here. You don’t need this coward in your life!

He is playing a game

Finally, it’s possible that this is all a part of his game. You’re dealing with a toxic man who enjoys playing with you.

I’m not saying he doesn’t have feelings for you. But he wants you to fall in love with him even more and that’s why he’s using this hot and cold technique.

This is nothing but a game of power. He stops texting you for a couple of days just to see if you’ll fall into his trap and go crazier for him.

If you do this, you’re the loser. He sees that he’ll have you, no matter what he does.

In fact, the more he ignores you, the more you’ll love him.

This is obviously an immature little boy who deliberately sends you mixed signals. I don’t even have to tell you that you don’t need him around and that you’re better off without him.

The way to beat him in his own game is to give him a taste of his own medicine. I promise you that he’ll contact you in no time. Well, that’s when you should give him a cold shower.

Show him that you’re not his toy and wish him good luck playing by himself.

He Stopped Texting Me- What Should I Do?

Now that you’ve found out all the possible reasons for this guy’s disappearance, you’re probably wondering what you should do about it.

Should you text him? Or is ignoring him a better idea?

Just follow this step-by-step guide and I assure you that you’ll make all the right moves.

Don’t keep on texting him

I know that you have the urge to contact him. If it were up to you, you would double or triple text him. You want answers so you’re ready to write him an essay long text, asking for an explanation.

That would be the worst mistake you could make! Resist this urge ASAP.

I don’t care how you’ll do it but you MUST do it, this way or another. Put your phone down, give it to your best friend or keep yourself busy- whatever it takes.

If it’s necessary, picture him laughing at how pathetic you are every time you think about sending him a message. Picture him blocking your phone number because you’re too annoying.

I’m not saying that this will happen- I just want you to use this scenario as a distraction from contacting him in any way.

Don’t blame yourself

The next step is getting rid of guilt. Even if you did something to chase him away, ghosting is never the answer.

He is the only one guilty of this situation. No matter what happened, he should have gotten the courage to talk to you and to end things like a real man.

So please, stop trying to justify his immature behavior. There is no excuse for this cowardly act!

Give him some space

Not texting your man won’t be enough. Instead, you should go no contact completely. Give him some space and a chance to miss you.

It would be great if you could downsize your social media activity. Let him wonder where you are and what you’ve been up to.

Don’t talk to your mutual friends about him. Don’t ask them if they’ve heard from him.

Don’t show up at places where you could run into him. Disappear from his life the same way he disappeared from your inbox!

Focus on your life

The most important thing here is to put yourself in the first place. Instead of spending your days crying over this jerk, start working on yourself.

I know that this isn’t easy but please, do your best to stop thinking about him.

Try chatting with some other guys, find a way to keep yourself busy, hang out with friends, start binge-watching a new TV show; do whatever it takes to keep your mind off him.

In the meantime, make yourself happy. Trust me- he’ll reappear the moment you forget about him.

Reach out

After a while, it’s safe to reach out to him. Enough time has passed and you won’t look desperate for contacting him now.

But don’t sound too needy. Don’t tell him that you miss him and avoid huge romantic love declarations.

Just ask him what’s up or send him something that reminded you of him. If you still follow him on Instagram, just reply to his story- that’s always a safe way to make the first move.

Wait and see how he’ll react. Will he keep the conversation going? Follow his lead and don’t push things too hard.

Ask him for an explanation

If you’re still so eager to get an explanation, just ask him. Don’t talk about your heartbreak and don’t act like him ghosting you was the end of the world.

Try to sound as casual as possible. Just tell him upfront that you were wondering why he disappeared like that the last time. Ask him if everything is okay.

But please, don’t let him play you for a fool. Make it clear that you’re not buying his lies and that you want the truth.

Move on

Now that you’ve got your closure (or at least, tried to get it), it’s time to move on with your life. You know you did your best and it’s clear that a man like him doesn’t deserve you.

I know it’s not easy. You have feelings for him and you just want things to go back to the way they used to be.

But hey, do you really want to live in fear, constantly expecting something like this to happen again? That’s what I thought.

Instead of investing time in this douchebag, redirect that energy and do your best to get over him.

He Didn’t Text Me Today

When you’re crazy in love, it’s enough for a guy not to text you for a couple of hours for you to think of the worst. I can just imagine the drama going on inside your head if he hasn’t texted you an entire day.

You can’t eat, work or do anything else and all you do is stare at your phone screen. Sounds familiar? Well, I’ve got you covered- here is what it means and what you should do about it.

What does it mean?

A man not texting you one day doesn’t have to be a big deal. If you’ve just started dating, maybe he wants to give you some space or he’s just been busy.

On the other hand, if you’re in a serious relationship and you’re used to hearing from each other all the time- this can be a red flag.

What should I do?

If this is happening for the first time, text him first. Don’t start a fight and just initiate a conversation.

On the other hand, if he has a habit of not messaging you for an entire day, maybe it’s time for some serious talk- especially if you’re in a serious relationship.

Tell him that you don’t plan on chasing him around and that his behavior is unacceptable. The most important thing here is not to make any empty threats.

Don’t tell him that you’ll leave him the next time he disappears if you’re not ready to actually do it.

Either way, the bottom line is that he has to take you seriously. Make sure he knows you’re not playing and that you won’t tolerate this any longer.

He Stopped Texting Me After We Slept Together

Every girl’s worst nightmare: a guy not calling or texting after she slept with him. First of all, let me tell you that we’ve all been there and it’s not the end of the world (even though it seems that way now).

Will he ever text you again? Did he just want to get laid?

Did he pretend to be something he’s not just to get in your pants? Were all the cute little things he did for you just a way to your bedroom?

Here is where you’ll find all of your answers.

What does it mean?

I hate to break it to you but in most cases, the guy didn’t text you because he considers this meaningless sex. He wants to make it clear that this is not a relationship and that he’s interested in anything besides hooking up from time to time.

Of course, he doesn’t have the courage to tell you this face to face, so he expects you to figure things out by yourself.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t have to be the only reason for his disappearance. Maybe he is self-conscious about his performance and he is too ashamed to talk to you.

What should I do?

I don’t care what century this is, you’re a lady and you should never contact the guy first after you spent the night together. Basically, there is nothing much you can do here except wait for his move.

But this doesn’t mean that you should take him back if he decides to reach out after two weeks or more. Give him a couple of days and if he doesn’t text you during that period- block his number and forget that he’s ever been a part of your life.

Trust me- if he tries calling you after, it’s just another booty call.

Final Thoughts

I know what you must think right now: all of this is much easier said than done. Well, let me tell you a little secret: once upon a time, I was in a similar situation.

I was talking to this guy for a while and then he stopped texting me out of nowhere. I was heartbroken.

I wondered what I did wrong and why I wasn’t enough. Having someone tell me everything I just told you would help me alot.

Please, always be aware of your worth and never run after someone who doesn’t want you. Good luck!