There comes a time in every relationship where the sickly sweet honeymoon period is over. That phase where everything is so new and you’re completely overwhelmed with lust and infatuation that you can barely contain yourself.

It’s no secret that we all wish the honeymoon period could last forever, but unfortunately, we can’t hold on to those butterflies forever. However, a relationship morphs from the infant honeymoon stage into something much sweeter, much stronger and much more stable. You grow as a couple into a serious relationship – something so comforting and so wonderful.


Being in love is the best feeling in the world and something that everyone dreams of finding in their life as a young one. A serious relationship is a solid foundation for a happy life – but how do you know when you’re in one?

Here are 7 ways you know for sure you’re in a serious relationship.


1. You stop thinking of them as your boyfriend or girlfriend, they’re just a solid part of your life

This might sound a little strange at first, but when you think about it – it makes complete sense. When you first start seeing someone new it takes a little while for you to adjust. You’re filling every spare second of your time with them, talking to them constantly when they’re not there and telling all of your closest friends every tiny insignificant detail about them.

However, when you transition into a serious relationship they stop becoming a novelty and rather instead, become a constant comfort in your life.

You don’t even think about them as your ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’, but rather your person, your partner in life and that person who you simply adore and can always count on to make you smile.


2. They subconsciously become a regular part of your thought process

You’re so used to them being there to offer you advice, reassurance and comfort that you find yourself constantly imagining what they would say in any given situation – without even having to think.

Whether you’re faced with a challenge at work, you’re struggling with a friend who’s being on a little bit of an ego-maniac and you can’t be bothered to deal with them or you just can’t decide what to have for your dinner – you know your partner in crime would be there to tell you exactly what you need to hear, so you start imagining what they’d say.

Pretty soon you won’t be able to make a single decision without consulting them in your imagination – and that’s a sure sign you’re serious with your significant other.


3. You find yourself missing them all the time

This is a little soppy and a lot of ‘pass me the bucket’ – but it’s true. When you’re in a serious relationship you miss your other half constantly. Whether you’re having a tough day and need a cuddle, or you simply heard something hilarious and immediately wish to share it with your love, there’s something pretty special about having someone you never want to be apart from.


4. Spending down time with them is just as exciting as date night

When you’re in the honeymoon period – let’s face it – you can barely keep your hands off each other. You’re so in lust and attracted to your new beau that you want to tear their clothes off at every opportunity. You’re also out on ‘dates’ a lot when you first get together with someone, which is a super exciting phase.

However, when you’re in a serious relationship, staying at home watching Netflix in your comfortable clothes can be every bit as exciting as getting dolled up for date night. Sometimes, all you want to do is go home, take your work clothes off and curl up with your favourite person.

No hanky panky, just a good old fashioned cuddle – and that’s perfectly fine with you.


5. You’re no longer ashamed or embarrassed

When you meet someone new it’s all about keeping up appearances. You want to be sexy and seductive so you sleep in your makeup or get up early and freshen up before sneaking back into bed. Accidentally letting out a fart is the worst thing that could ever happen to you – no matter how funny it would be!

You want them to think that you are wonderful and oh so feminine so you’d never dream of going to the toilet around them – and you always wear matching underwear!

However, when you’re in a serious relationship, you’re so comfortable and content that all of the worry goes out of the window. You’re scraping your hair back into a bun, shoving those tracksuit bottoms on and wearing those granny pants as if it’s your job. You’re no longer shy about your toilet habits or about your time of the month because you know they love you no matter what, and that’s what a real relationship is!


6. They become part of your family

You know your relationship is the real deal when your other half becomes part of your family, and you’re part of theirs. Your mum and dad adore them as if they’ve always been around, and even your little grandma just can’t get enough! You’re on first name terms with their parents and feel incredibly comfortable popping around to their house and making yourself at home.


7. You start to argue – but it’s not a big deal

When you’re in a serious relationship – you get the rough with the smooth. You’re so used to each other’s company that naturally you get a little irritated every now and then.

You start to bicker and argue about the most silly and insignificant of things, but these arguments are so natural and normal that you can have them without a single care or worry in the world – knowing that nothing is going to rock your relationship. Especially not who’s turn it is to do the dishes!

If you’re reading this article and nodding along then congratulations – you are safely in a serious relationship and you can rest assured that you’re on to a good thing. The honeymoon period is so special, but a serious relationship wins every single time.

7 Ways You Know You're in a Serious Relationship