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The Hierophant Reversed: 9 Readings Of The Tarot Card

The Hierophant Reversed: 9 Readings Of The Tarot Card

You might have done a tarot reading for yourself or a friend, and you see that from your tarot deck came a reversed card. In fact, it is the Hierophant reversed. Regardless of what type of reading you did, you must be confused: What is the opposite of tradition?

The reversed Hierophant is a card of omission and deception. This card can indicate that you are being misled by someone close to you or that you are the one misleading others. It can also represent an inability to see the truth in a situation.

I am here to help you figure out the Hierophant tarot card meaning, with a guide set out for total beginners and intermediate tarot readers. We know what the Hierophant upright means, but let us gain an understanding of what he means when in reverse and what symbolism he brings.

Reading The Hierophant Reversed As A Major Arcana Card

We are often given advice from friends and family in everyday life. We know that we should heed their words and listen to what they say, but sometimes it is difficult to discern what is good advice and what isn’t.

If you see the Hierophant reversed in a reading, it is time to stop listening to outside voices and start listening to your inner voice. You will know what is best for you, and there are plenty of people who will be happy to support your personal beliefs.

The High Priest or the Hierophant card is the male opposite of the High Priestess. He is a major arcana card whose upright meaning represents spiritual guidance, traditional values, spiritual awakenings, and spiritual wisdom.

The reversed Hierophant, therefore, means the opposite of that. He might mean love & relationships, but he always means non-conformity, thinking outside the box, and focusing on your own way.

The keywords that represent the reversed Hierophant:

• Bending rules

• Disregard for religious beliefs

• No status quo

• Focusing on own spiritual practice

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The Symbolism Of The Hierophant Reversed

The Hierophant lies in the zodiac sign of Taurus. When he is upright, he represents rigid spiritual beliefs. As said before, most tarot decks don’t have a reverse tarot card depiction, so you will see the normal tarot card of the Hierophant, just upside down.

The Rider-Waite tarot deck represents the Hierophant with his right hand in the air and his left hand holding a papal cross. This, when reversed, has the meaning of personal beliefs not focused on a higher power or rules written in stone.

At the Hierophant’s feet are his acolytes or followers. When reversed, this card means that one does not have anyone on their side, so they are alone in their battle.

The next card you see in your tarot card reading could also be the Star or the Lovers. Depending on this, you can also read the meaning considering the other card. In any case, the reversed Hierophant is telling you that you should follow your own guidance.

The Hierophant reversed never provides a clear answer in a yes or no tarot reading. Considering the situation you are in, you should make your own judgment. I would say it’s a no with the negative energy surrounding this card.

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Understanding The 9 Meanings Of The Hierophant Reversed

1. Trust yourself

The Hierophant is a card of teaching and learning, with the reversed card suggesting that now is the time to stop listening to outside voices and start listening to your own inner voice.

In fact, you should believe in yourself and start being loyal to yourself to finally understand what the Hierophant is trying to teach you.

2. Blocked spiritually

The Hierophant is a card that can be interpreted as a warning against being too controlling or domineering. This can lead you to a spiritual block.

One can experience literal blockage like blocking your ex or self-betrayal that blocks your inner peace. Of course, you can experience energy blocks that interfere with your spiritual journey.

3. Rigid personal beliefs

Finding spiritual balance is a goal we all strive for. The Hierophant is the card of the teacher, the one who teaches us about life and how to live it.

The reversed Hierophant can signify that you are not learning from your mistakes and are stuck in a rut. You may be too rigid in your personal beliefs or unwilling to learn new things, change, or think outside the box

4. No more old ways

The Hierophant reversed can signal that you are sticking to tradition and following your old ways.

You are not learning, or you’re lacking a growth mindset. It can also mean that you are not teaching others what you know, and that is what the Hierophant is warning you against.

5. Open mind

Are you constantly making assumptions about others, and are you not growing spiritually as much as you should? Then you might be facing problems relating to a closed mind.

In fact, that is what the Hierophant is trying to tell you. An open mind needs spiritual goals and life goals. So, strive for them.

6. Ask for help

The reversed Hierophant can mean that you are not getting the guidance you need. You may be feeling lost or confused about what to do next.

Remember, it’s ok to ask for help when you need it. It can be your guardian angels or your therapist. The main thing is that you help yourself heal a broken heart or with feeling underappreciated.

7. Spiritual guidance

The reversed Hierophant can mean that you are not getting the guidance or instruction needed to move forward in your life. You may be feeling lost or confused about what to do next.

Try some energy protection techniques or see a guru who will help you with your goals. In any case, look inward for the answers and form a spiritual path.

8. No marriage

If you see the Hierophant together in a love reading with the Lovers, it might mean there will be no wedding between those two lovers.

So, throw away your wedding guide and wedding toasts because the tarot might be telling you you don’t know what marriage really is.

9. Warning against yourself

The reversed Hierophant is a card that we can interpret as warning the querent, telling them that they are not following their own path.

This card can also be seen as a warning against being too rigid in one’s beliefs or too dogmatic in one’s thinking. It can also be a warning sign you should stay away from someone.

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Reverse Tradition

I hope that you now understand the meaning of the Hierophant reversed. This is an important card, and this card is the number five in tarot numerology.

Remember, he might be telling you to follow or make your own rules, attack a problem with an open mind, or just don’t slip into your old ways.

The reversed Hierophant can have a positive and negative connotation, depending on your situation. In any case, after reading this article, I am sure you understand much better what your tarot deck is trying to tell you.