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41 Statuses That Make Your Ex Jealous And Regretful

41 Statuses That Make Your Ex Jealous And Regretful

Have you broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or even worse, have you been cheated on? Well, then it’s time to live your best life and make them jealous!

That’s why we’ve prepared ideas for the best status that makes your ex jealous.

The only way you can reach your ex now is through social media. Therefore, the occasional jealousy trap is expected.

I’m not saying it’s okay to be in denial, but trying to make them jealous is part of the grieving process for some of us. In any case, your status does not need to be about your ex-boyfriend or ex girlfriend. It can be about your newfound life.

Next are some of the best social media status updates and Instagram captions you can use to make them think about you.

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Looking For Statuses That Make Your Ex Jealous? 40+ Best Status Ideas

Each of these statuses is how you can make your ex think you’re having the time of your life without them:

1. All of my dreams are coming true!

Living your life to the fullest and making every day count is sure to make your ex jealous. That’s why your best status that makes your ex jealous is this one.

Really enjoying, or just making it seem like you’re enjoying your life will make them feel like they’re missing out on something. This way, they are sure to ask themselves where they went wrong.

2. It’s the weekend, finally! Going to head out

This status is sure to make your ex jealous because it means that you’re doing well after the breakup and enjoying your free time.

Having plans for the weekend can mean that you’re making a weekend getaway, meeting a new love interest, or taking time for yourself.

3. Spending time with the ones I love is the best therapy

Believe me, you are sure to make them mad with this jealousy status because they weren’t part of it. This is the status that makes your ex jealous of all the other people in your life. It’s even better if you post a selfie with your whole friend group or family.

4. I had a blast at the concert!

Are you enjoying your free time and going to concerts and gigs without your ex? They surely need to know since this status will make them want to know who you’re going with.

Most importantly, it will make them want to know IF you’ve found someone else while being there. On top of that, they will be especially jealous if you’ve seen their favorite band.

5. How can one have so much fun in a single day?

If you want to leave them wondering about what you did today, then this type of jealousy status is a must.

I would use this secret weapon only if I wanted to be extra secretive and keep them on their toes. This status is sure to make your ex feel threatened by whatever you are doing.

6. Thinking about you makes me smile!

Now, this is a status that will surely make them envious of an unknown person. Is it a friend? Is it a new lover? Who knows! Only you know that in real life, you’re actually thinking about your pet.

7. Thank you, everyone, for making my special day awesome!

Oh no, it was your birthday, and your ex missed all the fun you’ve had? Post this status with a picture of your birthday cake, so they are sure to be disappointed that they didn’t get a piece of the cake.

8. So excited about my weekend hiking trip.

This status means you are investing in yourself and in your health. However bitter you are about not having some me time during your relationship, this “weekend hiking trip” is going to do you right. Your ex is bound to wonder with whom you’re going, and where exactly.

9. Girl’s night out!

“A girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.” – Marilyn Monroe

Only girls know what this means: Getting together with your high school BFFs and partying all night long!

There’s nothing that will get a guy’s undivided attention than a group of wild chicks trying to have a blast. Remember, some girl time with all of my friends does everyone justice.

10. Thinking about you makes my day!

Now, this is a status to get their heart racing. Your ex is sure to wonder who you’re thinking about. Don’t forget to add a selfie with a Snapchat filter that makes you look like you’re in love.

11. I got the best present in the mail today!

Has someone done something special for you, and you want to share your gratitude? Well, why not do it through a status that makes your ex jealous?

This way, your ex will suspect you got a romantic present from your new significant other.

12. Learning to ice skate with a total beginner!

Finally, you’re out there again, and you might want to try out new things. One of these things could be ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, swimming, bicycle riding, or everything else you need a partner for.

This status is sure to make your ex wonder who you’re spending time with.

13. Finally, a deserved spa day!

Getting over an ex for good means giving yourself time to heal. For some of us, it might mean going out or spending time with family, but pampering is the way to go for most. A spa day at the local salon is your go-to if you want to say: Look at me, I’m healing!

14. New hair, who is this?

We all know that a changed hairdo means you’re over your old lover. Now, once you post a status saying that you changed your hair, your ex will know it’s over. If you don’t add a picture to this quote, you are sure to awaken their curiosity.

15. Once you’re in love, you start glowing

This is the ultimate status that makes your ex jealous because you’re openly stating that you’re in love again. This must mean you are over them, which will make them want you even more.

Additionally, you can add this quote to the equation if you want to: “Never love anybody that treats you like you’re ordinary.” – Oscar Wilde

16. All is well

This simple but highly effective saying will make every one of your Facebook or Instagram friends wonder: How does she have it going for her?

Even when not everything is good, we have so much to be thankful for: a roof over our heads, our family, and all the other commodities that your new chapter of life offers. In the end, you don’t even have to invest time in your toxic ex anymore.

17. Plant your own flowers

The full saying goes: “Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers, plant your own.” Those are the words we live by, and this status is sure to make your ex wonder how you’re doing. Taking care of yourself means you’re moving on.

18. Be your own biggest fan!

Being the biggest fan of yourself is hard work, and sometimes, appreciation is needed. This one is tricky because your ex might figure out it’s about them.

You could possibly have this backfire, but if you mask it with an inspirational image, it won’t be that easy to tell.

19. Happy girls shine bright

For this selfie, your make-up game needs to be strong, your hair needs to be done differently, and you need a jealous ex to dedicate the caption to.

After seeing you glow, your ex boyfriend is sure to wonder where it all went downhill, and try to get you back. In any case, there is no sweeter revenge than looking good.

20. My wishes have been granted!

Are you talking about a new job, a new apartment, or a new boyfriend? Your ex will surely ask the same questions.

With this jealousy status (or breakup status message), you are sure to look ambiguous and leave many unanswered questions. Don’t ruin the fun and overstate anything… just leave them wondering.

21. Enjoying a walk in the park can be so relaxing!

This status basically means you are enjoying your day alone without anyone else interfering.

Growing as a person means spending time alone with your thoughts, and at the same time, getting to terms with your new single life. Your ex knows this, and will surely wonder if you still have feelings for them.

22. This queen doesn’t need a king

This status might be over the top, but don’t we all need to let it all out once in a while? If you post this status, you are sure to grab their attention. It just screams: I don’t need you anymore, and don’t we all feel this way after a breakup?

If you’re ready to go wild, here’s something even more intense: “One day, they’ll realize they lost a diamond while playing with worthless stones.” – Turcois Ominek

23. Life is too short for basic people

While this status might be a little toxic, that’s exactly how our exes made us feel. Who hasn’t experienced the rush of getting to know someone new and thinking they are just perfect for us?

When, in real life, they ended up being basic and uninteresting. This WhatsApp status is splendid for making your ex feel jealous.

24. My biggest regret is not traveling more!

No… your biggest regret is not splitting up with your ex. On the contrary, your biggest regret is not taking the time to travel more in your younger years.

Of course, this does not need to be exclusively traveling. Feel free to exchange the word ‘travel’ with anything else you enjoy.

25. Here I come, Ibiza!

Build up your own and your follower’s excitement by announcing your travel plans. Have you just booked your flight to Spain, Thailand, or Chile?

Announce it, and let your ex know you’re focusing and treating yourself. They will surely be jealous that they can’t come with you!

26. Today is a new day!

Seize the day, or so taught us the ancients. Even you can, after a breakup, make every day count. Post this status with a pic of your morning coffee with a great view.

This social media post is sure to get a lot of attention from your ex since it might seem like you’re living to the fullest.

27. Living my best life

Who hasn’t heard this popular saying? It’s applicable for situations where you treat yourself, enjoy life, and of course, leave a toxic ex. Posting a picture with this quote as the caption is sure to draw your ex’s attention in.

28. You’re the perfect kind of weird

If your ex still has feelings for you, they are sure to dread the fact that you’re in a new relationship.

Therefore, you should rub it in their nose that they left you hanging. Feel free to have a public display of love all over your social media accounts.

29. Feeling thankful for everything you’ve done for me!

Another vague status that makes your ex jealous is this idea right here. It says just enough while leaving some space to have them wondering whom you’re talking about. It could be a family member, a coworker, or a new significant other.

30. Throwing a party tonight!

It might be a bit out of the blue for you, but hosting a party in your home is the best way to enjoy your single life again.

Contact all of your friends and let them know: The only rule is that there are no rules. Showcasing that you have a dominant social life will make your ex see what they’re missing out on.

31. Really enjoyed my trip. I can’t wait to go back!

Have you been staying off social media after your breakup? Or, did you just want a social media cleanse?

In any case, let everyone around you, including your ex, know that you’ve been enjoying yourself. This will make them feel like they’re missing out on something.

32. I can’t wait to try rock climbing again!

Are you trying out new things and hanging out with a new clique? This must mean you’re over your ex and have met someone new. The new experience could be an extreme sport like rock climbing or zip-lining, or even a new hobby.

33. Finally visited the museum!

Remember that museum or art gallery you never got to visit with your ex? This is the perfect place to visit after a breakup. Immediately post about it on all of your social media accounts to gain their attention.

34. Tried a new restaurant in the city

Was your ex allergic to seafood or didn’t like Thai food? Not being in a relationship with them means you can visit any restaurant you want and eat anything you like. Of course, to make them feel like they’re not part of the fun, post a status about your visit.

35. Please don’t call me to go out… too tired after last night!

Are you so busy partying that you don’t even have time to think about your ex? To make it worse, are people all around you asking you to go out with them and party all night long?

And, what even happened last night? After reading this status, these are all questions your jealous ex might ask themselves.

36. I just tried a new cocktail!

Pair this status with a picture of an exotic cocktail you tried at the tiki bar. The devil is in the details, so make sure you choose an angle that showcases another glass as well.

This will leave your ex boyfriend wondering who you’re trying new cocktails out with. Of course, it could be your best friend or a new lover.

37. I wake up every day and choose to be myself

Staying true to who you are is hard when you’re in a toxic relationship. Finally, getting out and feeling like you can be yourself is the best feeling one can have. Showcase this to your ex with this status, and make them question what they did wrong.

38. Start your day with the right person

Now, this status undoubtedly means that you’re over them, and with someone else. This status is a safe bet that your ex will be jealous since you leave so many open questions. It will drive them nuts that they don’t know what is happening in your life.

39. With my favorite human!

With this status, you’re saying that you’re spending time after a breakup with someone you like very much.

Of course, this status has to be perfectly timed, so it’s not too early into your new relationship and not too early after a breakup (or too late for your ex not to care about it). Again, this is another perfect status to let your ex know you’ve moved on.

40. Trying out a new gym

Working out means you are ready for a new challenge or a new relationship. When you go to the gym, you can have two goals: looking your best for a new love interest or getting in shape while flirting with other hot people. With this status, you are sure to cause a lot of drama.

41. Looking forward to our next date!

Last, and not least, is this status that makes your ex jealous by obviously stating that you are dating someone else. This means you’ve left your past behind you, and you’re ready to move on while your ex stays jealous of your new life.

What Should I Post to Make My Ex Jealous?

You can post anything from pics with your new boyfriend or girlfriend, a new job, a vacation, or just you enjoying life and having fun.

Many factors will determine what would make your ex feel jealous. For example, if you have a new partner, posting a selfie of you might make them jealous.

If you have a new job, then tweeting about it might make them jealous. Of course, if you’re enjoying a Caribbean vacation with your best friend, this could also make them jealous.

In the end, it all depends on your ex, and as an ex girlfriend or boyfriend, you should know exactly what will make them rage with jealousy. Therefore, plan your move and fire your shot.

Of course, a short disclaimer is vital here. Remember, any jealousy trap can also backfire on you. This means if you want your ex back, they might answer your status with another status that will make you feel even worse.

Remember, it’s okay to post a few jealousy traps, but don’t make your whole Instagram caption or Facebook account about a breakup.

How Do I Make My Ex Jealous?

Making your ex jealous is a multi-step program where numerous factors are at stake. Of course, it isn’t math or physics, but it does require some conditions and planning.

There are a few ways that you can make your ex jealous and get them to want you back, which include:

  • Don’t break the no contact rule
  • Post updates about your amazing single life
  • Act like you’re fine
  • Always look your best

Nothing makes dudes or chicks more jealous than dating someone else. So, apart from posting attractive pics of yourself on social media, alongside a status that makes your ex jealous, make sure you take other actions as well.

Of course, there are some conditions to this rule; your ex still needs to:

  • Be friends with you on social media
  • Have feelings for you
  • Be capable of getting jealous

In the end, you need to understand that thinking about how to make your ex boyfriend or ex-girlfriend jealous is bound to backfire eventually.

This means you should be honest with yourself and ask yourself why you’re doing this. Is it because you want them back? Do you miss them? Or, are you just hurt and in the process of healing?

To Wrap Up

Your relationship might have ended, but for the both of you, the game is still not over. You should remind your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend of what they’re missing out on, and what better way than with a status that makes your ex jealous.

Once they see how fun your life is and how good you’re doing without them, they will surely want you back. Remember, do not aim your status at your ex. Instead, showcase how you are working on yourself and becoming a better person without them.

With our jealousy statuses, you are sure to make them second guess their actions. Of course, the answer isn’t just making them grieve after losing you.

Instead, you should embrace the stage of grief you are in, process your denial and anger, and then move on with your life after you’ve finally come to terms with your breakup.