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2 Weeks No Contact: Should I Give Up? 20 Reasons Not To Give In

2 Weeks No Contact: Should I Give Up? 20 Reasons Not To Give In

Have you just broken up with someone and keep thinking about them all the time? Most of us try the no-contact rule to get over our exes and make them regret losing us.

You could be wondering: 2 weeks no contact, should I give up? When is no contact enough? What are the rules of no contact?

If you ask me, no contact forever is the best way. Of course, not all of us can do that.

That’s where I come into the story. I’ll help you answer all of your questions about the no-contact rule, most importantly, how long no contact should last, and other questions crossing your mind right now. So, read on to learn more about the reasons not to give in on your no-contact rule.

2 Weeks No Contact: Should I Give Up?

​First of all, I understand. Playing this game with someone you used to care about is not something all of us can do. In other words, no contact is not for everyone.

On the other hand, no contact is the best way to finally forget about someone. So, if you’re constantly relapsing into a relationship with someone you care about but obviously see you’re being taken advantage of or, even worse, abused, it is time to stop.

The no-contact rule is a dating strategy used to avoid the temptation of contacting someone you are interested in.

It can be used when you want to take some time off from dating and focus on yourself for a while, when moving on from your ex, or if you want to give your current relationship some space and time to grow.

In our case, it means ceasing all contact with your ex abruptly and not having any contact with them (obviously). Generally, most people try to engage in no contact for a certain number of days, like the 30 day no contact rule or 3 months.

I would recommend staying true to the no-contact rule for as long as possible until all negative emotions you have for your ex are gone. For some, this can take 30 days, and for others, 3 months of no contact rule. In any case, we need to answer your question: 2 weeks no contact, should I give up?

No, do not give up on your no-contact rule.

Remember, after a relapse, it is much harder to find your course again. Also, reaching out is the worst no-contact mistake you could make now.

If you’ve made it to two weeks of no contact, it’s still a big step, and a lot of dedication and character was needed to get you here. So, don’t throw it all away and give up.

Except for all of the negative sides of trying to move on from your ex, the worst part is that you will negatively affect your healing. This way, you will be even hungrier for attention and love from your ex.

Therefore, two weeks into the no contact rule is not long enough to forget someone, unless it was your plan just to teach them a lesson. In any case, you need to first focus on yourself before reaching out.

Two weeks is not long enough, so stay true to your goal. All you need now is a little motivation to keep you going. Read on to understand what the consequences of your surrender could be.

20 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Give Up Your No Contact Rule

The answer to your question 2 weeks no contact, should I give up? is simple: NO. Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t give up your progress:

1. Self-love

When you think about it, isn’t everything we do out of self-love? Therefore, to show how much you love and respect yourself, don’t fall into the trap of reaching out to your ex.

In other words, you will show yourself respect by thinking about them as little as you can and giving yourself time to heal after your relationship. Therefore, to show yourself some self-love, rather go take a walk in the park or have some me-time.

2. Mending heartbreak

After spending a long time in a relationship and getting dumped or broken up with is not good for your emotional health. Therefore, you need some time to adjust to the new situation you are in.

Of course, this can also mean you are heartbroken or newly single. Both of these things will require some time. Two weeks is not enough time to mend a broken heart, so I recommend taking more time.

3. Let go of it

Let it go, let it go!

In line with heartbreak and self-respect, another important reason you shouldn’t reach out after two weeks of no contact is to finally let go of the whole situation. Of course, this does not mean pushing yourself to forget.

On the contrary, letting go means enjoying the single life and taking advantage of all the time you have now. Most importantly, go with the flow of your newfound life.

4. Focus on your mental health

This ex detox will not be a walk in the park, especially if you’ve come out of a long-term relationship. Therefore, you need to be extra determined to reach your no-contact goal.

While doing so, your mental health might suffer, and you need to focus on it while doing new things you’ve never had the chance to or old hobbies you used to enjoy.

5. Enjoying time with family or best friend

In line with my last reason why you shouldn’t fall for your “2 weeks no contact, should I give up?” question is, what would your family and best friend say?

If all else fails, reach out to them and tell them how you’re feeling in this situation.

They are sure to give you a reason not to reach out to your ex, and you can hang out with them to get your mind off your dumper.

6. Building your self-esteem

Losing self-esteem after a breakup is something often seen and felt throughout the female world. Don’t let it get the best of you. Use this time to build yourself up and enjoy every moment of it.

7. Remember the amount of time you’ve put into this

Two weeks of fighting with yourself not to send that happy birthday text, engaging on social media, or calling them is a huge deal. It took a lot of effort to get where you are today.

Give yourself kudos for putting up with it so long, and motivate yourself to do even more. The bottom line is: Stay true to your goal!

8. Trust the healing process

One of the most important reasons why I wouldn’t recommend reaching out to your ex after asking the question “2 weeks no contact, should I give up?” is mental healing and health.

Begging them for attention is just going to mess you up even more and will send you into a spiral.

9. You don’t want to do it a second time

Just like I said above, reaching out to your ex before the time is right will do more harm than good. If you reach out, it will backfire, and the same amount of time will require double the effort.

The bottom line is that you will start reaching out a lot. Remember, in the timeframe of two weeks, so much healing has been done.

10. Not getting your ex back

Let’s face it, the probability of getting your ex back is very high if you try the no-contact method. That is why you need to stick with the plan and make it seem like you don’t care.

It will make you seem like the winner. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There is a high possibility they are also trying the no-contact rule with you.

11. Late reply

If you reach out to them before the time is right, they might want to play games with you if they still feel hurt. This means they can reply the next day or in a few days.

This way, they will make it seem like they have better things to do and manipulate you. You will be home alone thinking about them and what they might be doing now.

12. Giving it a couple of weeks more

Two weeks is not the recommended period of no contact. Just think, why not give it a couple of weeks more?

Believe me, it will do more good for you and your mental health and keep your ex on their toes. Remember, the longer you wait, the bigger an event it will be once you re-enter their life.

13. Let your ex contact you

Playing games is not recommended, but if you let your ex contact you first, it will make it seem like you are winning. Now, however bad that might be for your mental health, it will still give you a temporary high.

14. It can cause your ex to reject you

What is the worst that can happen after using the no contact rule for the first time? Your ex could reject you after spending a month trying to get back at them.

Even if this happens, the action plan is to do everything you did last week: You do you, and get on with your life. They were not worth it anyway.

15. They will lose respect for you

Respect is a crucial part of every relationship. Once you lose it for someone, getting it back is hard. You might get a meaningless text back like “idk” or “ok” while totally blowing your plan.

If your ex wanted to take a break from your relationship, and you reach out to them after a couple of weeks, they might feel threatened or lose all respect for you as a partner. Remember, it’s crucial that you respect their needs and wishes too.

16. Resentment

Another thing that could happen if you reach out to your ex if they ask you not to is causing him negative feelings towards you.

In other words, if you reach out, they might resent you for invading their privacy or disregarding their wishes. You might cause them to experience negative feelings towards you, like disgust, hate, or rage.

17. They will crave even more space

If you reach out to your ex before they have finished their grieving process, it will make you seem like a narcissist who doesn’t care how others might feel.

They will believe you don’t care about their emotions and wishes and will look for a way to cut you off.

In other words, the worst could happen. They might block you on social media and text messaging, all the while being angry with you for not respecting their wishes.

This short relapse of yours can potentially extend the time they need to heal and will cause your ex to look for a way to push a bigger wedge between you two.

18. You could interrupt their grieving process

Let’s face it, ending a meaningful relationship is not easy for anyone, not even the dumper.

We all grieve a relationship differently, and it takes us all different amounts of time to get over things. (Especially something as emotionally excruciating as a breakup.)

Therefore, if you reach out right after asking yourself, “2 weeks no contact, should I give up?” you might interrupt their grieving process and cause a backlash in emotions. Even worse, they might get back to you before they are fully healed.

19. You haven’t given it enough time

One of the most important reasons you shouldn’t contact your ex in the middle of the no-contact rule is simple: You haven’t fully healed. Remember, your relationship ended for a reason.

Relapsing and going back (or going back at all) before the time is right will leave you emotionally wounded. It can mean that you haven’t given your ex enough time to start missing you, or you haven’t given yourself enough time to heal.

20. You’re not stable two weeks after a breakup

After two weeks, you are most probably in the bargaining stage of the grieving process. This means you are ready to settle for anything your ex might throw at you – even breadcrumbs of their attention.

It is time to reassess your relationship. Are you bargaining or romanticizing your relationship when, in fact, you were with a notorious narcissist who didn’t care about your feelings?

It’s time to be realistic and recognize that you are not ready to break the no-contact rule two weeks after a breakup.

How Long Should I Do No Contact Before Giving Up?

Generally, people use the no-contact rule for 30 days of no contact. After this, they reach out to their ex in hopes of getting back together. Of course, you can do it for a longer period of time, but one month is the minimum time needed to get over your ex.

No contact is a strategy that can be used to get someone to miss you and want to come back. It is a way of showing that you are not interested in the person anymore while actually still having feelings for them.

I would personally say that the length of time for no contact varies depending on the situation. For example, if you are trying to get an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back after a hefty fight, it should take less time than trying to mend a long-distance relationship.

In the end, don’t forget this is a time to let go of all the emotions you had. In the first place, letting go of heartbreak should be the first goal, while in the meantime, you should be focussing on yourself and your mental health.

Therefore, the no-contact rule should take as long as you need it to. As it isn’t something set in stone, it should adapt to the user like most dating strategies.

Why Is No Contact So Powerful?

The no-contact rule is so powerful because it stops your addiction to someone, makes you focus on yourself, and makes the other person miss you. Once you come back into their life, they won’t know what hit them, and they will automatically come back to you.

Here are some additional reasons why the no-contact rule is so powerful:

• Acceptance of the situation you are in and the relationship end

• Focusing on your own well-being and healing process

• Giving you enough time to heal

• It makes the dumper face their decision

• It makes your ex miss you

The no-contact rule is a powerful tool to use in relationships. It can be used to get over someone or to get them back. There are many reasons why the no-contact rule is so powerful.

One of the most important reasons is that it forces you to focus on yourself and your own needs. Another reason is that it forces you to take responsibility for your actions and not blame others for what has happened between you two.

It also helps you realize how much better off you are without this person in your life, which can help with moving on from them.

No contact also helps with getting over someone because it gives you time away from them, which allows your feelings for them to fade away naturally.

In other words, the no contact rule is a way of playing your ex, getting back your self-esteem, and focusing on your well-being while making someone miss you.

What If I Break The No Contact Rule?

If you break the no contact rule, one of these three probable scenarios will happen:

• Your ex doesn’t reply.

• They reply to some of your texts.

• They are glad you reached out.

The no-contact period isn’t a scientifically proven method, and there are always exceptions to everything, especially in psychology and relationships. Of course, your ex might be happy that you contacted them.

But look at it realistically. What are the odds? What’s most likely to happen is that they either won’t reply or reply sometimes.

What I can guarantee will happen is that you will feel like you have betrayed yourself and all of your hard work. So, the next time you ask yourself, “2 weeks no contact, should I give up?” remember my answer: Don’t do it! It is totally not worth it.

In any case, if you break the no-contact rule before it’s “ripe” or ready to be used against your ex, the fruit might not be as tasty. In other words, if you break the rule before its time, you might not feel any satisfaction in getting back together.

The worst part is that your mental health might suffer. Jumping back into a relapse relationship before you’re ready is not exactly good for you. Remember the last time it happened?

Therefore, when it’s time, set up a date to meet up face to face, check out what your ex wants after your relationship, and make the no-contact rule work by either being friends, getting back together, or finally breaking up (for the second time).

Closing Words

Remember, even if it takes 3 month of the no-contact rule, try to shed all negative feelings towards your ex.

Block or unfollow them on social media, WhatsApp, text messaging, and don’t talk to any mutual friends. Remember, even a phone call should be on radio silence.

Regardless of which day of the no contact rule you’re on, don’t make this another rebound relationship. Therefore, the next time you ask yourself, “2 weeks no contact, should I give up?” Don’t even think about giving up. You’ve come so far following the no-contact rule.

Think of the amount of time you’ve put into your self-growth and how all of it will pay off eventually.

I hope I’ve helped you in choosing the best way to stay away from your ex, and good luck with the rest of your no-contact rule time.