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Why You Haven’t Heard From Him All Day (15 Surprising Reasons)

Why You Haven’t Heard From Him All Day (15 Surprising Reasons)

Let’s say you had a super exciting first date. You thought your love life was about to flourish. And then, all of a sudden, he disappears without a word! You haven’t heard from him all day!

What in the world is happening? Is it your fault? Was it something you did?

These questions can be too exhausting! There’s nothing worse than not knowing. Would you like to change that? If you read on, you surely will. I’m your dating coach for the day!

You will become familiar with the 15 most common reasons why a man vanishes into thin air, and how you should deal with it.

15 Common Reasons Why You Haven’t Heard From Him All Day

If you want to know why your guy disappeared for the day, take a look at the following 15 reasons:

1. He is asserting dominance

Most men want to be the dominant one because they think that’s how it should be. They play with your feelings and control your behavior, subtly telling you that they’re in charge.

That could be why you haven’t heard from him all day. He knows you will be freaking out. He knows you will just want him more.

The result will be you blaming yourself and seeking ways to win his heart again. And, that’s how he keeps you under his control.

His end goal isn’t being with you, but rather being with someone who will make him feel like ”the man” in the relationship.

2. He’s afraid of rejection

This is a real issue for every man. When he’s got his eyes on a woman, he wants nothing more than to tell her immediately.

But, doing that would mean risking being hurt. It’s much easier to disappear all of a sudden than face his feelings.

He’s probably intimated by you, and the last thing he wants is for you to react badly.

Will you make fun of him? Or, will you politely reject him?

Either option is painful in his eyes.

If you think this is his reason, it’s likely that he’ll eventually gather the courage to come back.

However, if you see that your relationship isn’t going anywhere, it might be time for you to make a move.

3. The confusion is killing him

Don’t worry, that wasn’t necessarily your last date!

Women aren’t the only ones with periods of confusion. Men aren’t always sure what they want either… or not sure what YOU want.

Even if you had an incredible date last night, he might still not understand what it all meant. Or, maybe he’s hiding his feelings because yours weren’t as obvious as you thought.

I know most guys like the chase, but some are just too insecure to go after you.

You need to show him that you care; otherwise, he’ll keep on fighting his feelings instead of confessing them.

The next time you see him, try some seduction techniques. Gently touch him during a conversation or hug him a bit longer. Why not flirt a bit, too?

If you’re scared, you don’t have to be obvious, but you can still let him know how you feel in other, more subtle ways.

4. It doesn’t mean anything at all

No, not everything has a deeper meaning. I’m also the one who always looks beneath the surface, but sometimes you just can’t find anything…

Your man probably doesn’t see this as ghosting. To him, it might be a normal thing, and you, still the woman he’s totally attracted to.

It’s just the way his mind works. If you asked him about it, he likely wouldn’t understand why you’re so upset.

If I were you, I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. Just take a deep breath, do some other work, and everything will be clear to you once he reaches out again.

5. He’s super busy

Your man is in control of his own life. It is he who decides what to do with his time. And, the same goes for you. You can’t really blame each other for having other things to do.

Maybe he’s having a really tough day with many tasks waiting to be done. Among all that hustle and bustle, he probably can’t find the time to make a phone call or send a text.

I know your mind is immediately suspicious. ”Nobody is too busy. It’s all a matter of priorities.”

Well, that’s not always true. Sometimes, the problem is you not respecting his schedule.

If it’s always like that, and you barely talk, I understand your struggle.

However, if it happened just this once, you really have nothing to worry about.

Just remember to respect each other’s boundaries because that’s a sign of a healthy relationship.

6. You send too many texts

I’m guilty of this, too. I tend to act on my feelings without thinking too much about it, so sometimes, I send way more messages than I should. I just can’t stop.

I know it’s sad having to suppress yourself to get a guy to chase you, but sadly, it usually works.

If you haven’t heard from him all day, it’s probably because you exaggerated the number of your texts. Your clinginess was a turn off for him.

Being clingy is not a good thing in the beginning of a relationship. Practice more self-control, and once you win him over, text your soul away!

7. He’s got bad texting habits

Yes, this is a thing. I’m currently crushing on a guy who is PERFECT in person, but always ignores me for a couple of days when I text him.

I’m starting to accept that he’s just that type of person. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want a relationship with me. He’s just not into texting at all.

If you’re going through the same thing, be a little more understanding about his preferences. HOWEVER, remember that if a man really loves you, he should respect your needs as well.

If you’re going to be in a relationship, there has to be compromise both face-to-face conversations AND texting.

Don’t ask him to change his whole personality for you, but he definitely should be ready to invest a bit more time into making you feel special. That’s how relationships should work.

8. He doesn’t feel anything anymore

Maybe your man is just very fickle! He was crushing on you, but it wasn’t as intense as you hoped it would be. It disappeared in an instant! As did he.

Yes, if you haven’t heard from him all day, it might be because he lost interest. He moved on, but was too cowardly to tell you to your face that things have changed.

Maybe a new woman appeared in his life, or he just had an epiphany about you. He realized that you weren’t so compatible after all, so he decided to leave.

If you have just met the guy, this is a very likely reason, but if you’ve known each other for quite a while, and you’re sure of his feelings, then you have nothing to worry about.

9. You’re not a priority

It’s sad, I know, but maybe you’re just not that important to this guy. However, before you start panicking, ask yourself these questions:

How long have you known him? How close are you? Did you put a label on your relationship?

I’m asking you this because if you aren’t that close to him, then you can’t really expect him to put you first. Think about it.

He had a life before you. And, now you have come, and you think all will suddenly change like it does in romance movies?

Trust me, that isn’t healthy.

If you haven’t heard from him all day, don’t overthink it. Don’t get angry, but make him commit without pressure. Let your relationship evolve slowly.

And, once you officially get together, you earn the right of getting angry at his priority list!

10. You were too honest

Honesty is the best policy… but not at the beginning. If you revealed too much information immediately, it’s very likely you scared the guy off.

If you want to keep a guy interested, don’t talk about your childhood traumas or recent moodiness anymore. Save those conversations for later.

Men are usually scared of being emotionally vulnerable anyway. Don’t make it harder for him by expecting him to show his real self as soon as you meet.

I know you can’t wait to connect with him on a deeper level, but you need to be a bit more patient.

For now, just joke with each other. Show him the most fun version of yourself.

Every man’s dream woman is the one who can make him laugh. If you’re able to do that, he will be more likely to open up to you.

11. You’re just one of the many

We all like to believe that we’re the only one our guy is texting, but sadly, that isn’t always the truth.

If you haven’t heard from him all day, that may be because there are other women that have his attention. Once he gets bored with them, he’ll probably come back to you.

He most likely doesn’t care about anyone because with love comes disappointment. So, his commitment issues make him jump from one woman to the next.

He’ll send a good morning message to you and fall asleep while texting someone else.

Frankly, you’re better off without him. You should let go of anyone who doesn’t give you his full attention. There is surely a new guy out there who will treat you like a queen.

12. He expects you to make a move this time

It’s the 21st century, and a man doesn’t always have to make a move first. And, they’re aware of it, too!

If your guy has been ignoring you all day, then it’s very likely he’s expecting you to send a text message to him.

Maybe he wants you badly, but isn’t sure about your emotions. Maybe he feels like he’s the only one making an effort, and now he wants you to reciprocate.

If you’ve been on the bench so far, it’s time to finally get up! Don’t wait for him. Go and get him instead. Trust me, it’s not that scary.

If he has caught feelings for you, he won’t care about silly things like the chase. He won’t mind if you reach out first. On the contrary, he will be thrilled!

13. He’s committed to somebody else

Why, of course there’s always somebody else, lol! Everybody seems to be heartbroken nowadays. You can’t find one guy who’s ready for something new.

If your man has vanished from the face of the earth, that’s probably because there’s someone else on his mind.

It could be an ex-girlfriend he can’t forget, or someone new he met last week. Either way, he is devoted to her, and you are the one left hanging. Don’t ever allow that.

Why not find someone new yourself? When was the last time you hooked up with someone?

Try online dating apps such as Tinder. Or, reach out to someone on social media who has gotten your attention! If not, you can always meet a guy in real life.

What are you waiting for? Make the first step!

14. Your message was confusing

Before getting angry with him, first make sure that what you’re saying is clear.

Yes, he should have asked you first if there was any confusion, but maybe it makes him uncomfortable.

If you notice that your message might be misinterpreted, don’t hesitate to text him first!

You don’t have to ask him if he understood your meaning. Just be like ”Hey, btw, what I meant was…” and remove any room for doubt.

But, yeah, if this is why you haven’t heard from him all day, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

15. He’s not that into you

As sad as it is, maybe you just don’t mean all that much to him. Maybe he was never too attached to you, which made it easier to walk away.

Think about how he treated you. How much time did he devote to you? Did he take you for granted?

A man who doesn’t love you will always give you the bare minimum, thinking it’s more than enough. Everyone else will come before you. There will rarely be any peace in the relationship.

That’s a major red flag.

Has this been your case? How did you feel in his presence?

If you’re honest with yourself, your gut feeling will tell you if his feelings were real. And, if they weren’t, maybe it’s time to stop chasing him.

Is It Normal To Not Hear From A Guy For A Day?

That depends on how close you are.

If you have had just one date, it’s normal not to text or call each other. It’s desirable, definitely, but not obligatory. And, it isn’t a sign he’s not interested either.

He might be a good man who just prefers face-to-face conversations. Maybe he’s preparing to ask you on a second date sooner than you think!

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, it’s more understandable to be worried. But still, don’t jump to conclusions.

Just because this is happening doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Maybe something really important came up. Either way, as soon as he comes back, ask him all about it.

Should I Text A Guy If I Haven’t Heard From Him?

Definitely, but not in all circumstances.

If he’s a guy you have just met, you might want to take it slow. After all, he didn’t have the time to get attached to you, so your clinginess might just drive him away.

No matter how much he initially liked you, he won’t like your controlling behavior.

Think about it. You’re not even his girlfriend yet, and yet you demand to know what only a girlfriend knows.

On the other hand, if he’s your boyfriend, go for it! You’re officially in a relationship, and you have every right to ask him about his whereabouts. Do it the very next day!

Still, pay attention to how you say the words. This isn’t about releasing your anger or despair. Maybe there is something serious at hand.

Even if there isn’t, he’s entitled to a day off! Just remind him to tell you about it next time.

Wrapping Up

See? Just because you haven’t heard from him all day doesn’t mean it’s all over. Patience is key. If you wait it out, you will know everything soon enough.

The most important relationship advice is, as always, to value yourself more than any man. Your mental health comes first.

Yes, maybe he had a valid reason for not reaching out. But, if you notice that he just doesn’t care about you, it’s better to leave before your self-esteem decreases even more.

You deserve a guy who will make you his priority; a guy who will always text you back.

Find someone who always takes your feelings into consideration. I know it’s easier said than done, but the first step is letting go of those who don’t add to your happiness.