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50 Painful Signs Your Husband Isn’t In Love With You Anymore

50 Painful Signs Your Husband Isn’t In Love With You Anymore

What would you do if you recognized some of the most obvious signs your husband isn’t in love with you anymore? Especially if you’ve been with him for a long time… if you two have kids, and if you were 100% sure you’d grow old with him?

What would you give to save your marriage? While we’re talking about this, I have to be honest with you… there are no easy solutions when it comes to fixing a marriage, but there are definitely those that work. And, that’s the most important thing, right?

I’m telling you there’s a way to save your marriage no matter what it was that caused you two to drift apart and it’s called Mend The Marriage course.

I know it’d be great to be with the same person you are married to until the day you die, but unfortunately, that’s not always possible.

If you’re sick and tired of being in a passionless marriage, I strongly suggest you try awakening his primal instincts with the course called His Secret Obsession, designed to make him remember how to be a true man and love you the way you deserve it.

And now, we (probably) have a marriage to save, so let’s get down to business.

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50 Clear Signs Your Husband Isn’t In Love With You

I present to you the most common warning signs that your husband is not in love with you anymore. So, read carefully because this can be your last chance to save your marriage!

1. You’ve been doubting it for a very long time now

Okay, let’s lay all our cards on the table and be completely honest.

You’re here searching for these signs, and that’s quite a good sign that something is off. The fact is that if you were sure of your husband’s love, you wouldn’t be here right now.

And, you aren’t here because your husband’s behavior towards you changed two or three days ago… you’re here because you noticed it a while ago.

You noticed all those little things that were clearly showing that something has changed, and you ignored them. Or, you tried hard to ignore them because you were afraid that your greatest nightmare could become reality and you couldn’t allow it…

However, now is time to confront your fears and find out the real truth about your significant other’s feelings. So, these are the signs you should look out for.

2. Absence of communication

If your husband has stopped communicating with you and you feel that something’s amiss, it’s a sign that he is slowly falling out of love with you.

I know some of you will say that lack of communication doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you, and I completely agree with that. However, a female’s gut is something you should never neglect because in 99.99% of cases, it’s correct.

If you notice that the two of you just keep quiet in the house while you’re doing your thing and he’s doing his, that’s just a signal of the beginning of marital problems.

If this is happening for the first time, I’m advising you not to make a huge drama about it immediately. Ask him to talk, and tell him openly that you don’t feel good in a relationship without open and healthy communication.

As a possible solution, ask him if he’s willing to work on it with you.

If he says he will try, you should respect that and give him a chance to prove it. On the other hand, if he continues to show a clear lack of interest, you know what your next step should be.

3. All the effort is one (your)-sided

For some time now, you are the only one who has been putting effort into your relationship. He stopped working on your marriage and doing nice things for you long ago.

This is a sign of disrespect – something no woman should put up with.

You should not be the one who will bear all of the relationship responsibilities on your back. A one-sided marriage is an unhappy marriage, and it can never last a lifetime!

You have to think about your own well-being. The point of every relationship is to have someone who will take care of you, love you, and go the extra mile for you.

But, if that’s not what you’re getting, you better think twice if he is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. If someone doesn’t appreciate and reciprocate your efforts, that person doesn’t even deserve to have a place in your life.

4. He takes you for granted

This is one of the most obvious signs your husband isn’t in love with you anymore.

By just taking you for granted, he thinks that no matter what you do, you’ll always be there and put up with his crap. He thinks that you love him and that you’ll forgive him for neglecting you all the time, while he gives all his attention to other women.

Remember, that’s not the way a man in love would behave in front of his partner, so make sure that you talk to him about the possible problem.

If he continues being rude and taking you for granted even more, you know what you need to do.

The truth is, he won’t learn his lesson until you leave him and show him what it feels like to live without you.

5. The respect is gone

Disrespect is one of the strongest signals that point to an unhappy marriage.

Respect is the second name of love. If someone doesn’t respect you, they don’t love you either. It’s as simple as that.

That is not what true love really is – don’t ever forget that. No matter how much you love him, show him that you will never put up with being disrespected. Show him that you can be perfectly fine on your own, and that you don’t need him to complete you.

Give him a wake-up call, and if he refuses to pick up the phone, he can leave because you’ll feel much better on your own than with a toxic guy who doesn’t even give a damn about you.

6. All the affection has disappeared

Do you remember when you were actually in a happy marriage?… that honeymoon phase where your significant other was showering you with attention and affection every single day?

Those morning cuddles, sweet love texts, romantic surprises… all those little things he did every day in order to make you feel like the happiest woman in the whole world.

I know it hurts even to think about those things… everything has changed, and you simply don’t feel ready to face your new reality.

But, you must. Get to the bottom of his cold behavior and then decide what your next step will be.

There are two possible outcomes; either he’ll admit why he stopped being affectionate and you’ll try to understand him, or you’ll realize he doesn’t love you anymore and you’ll leave his lame ass.

7. You can’t even remember the last time he said ‘I love you’

Can you? But, hey… don’t count those times when he had to answer your ‘do you love me?’.

He probably answered affirmatively only because he didn’t want you to start a fight or start doubting his feelings.

Now, can you remember when the last time he expressed his love to you spontaneously was?… the last time he hugged you and told you those three simple words, ‘I love you‘?

No? Well, it’s probably because he doesn’t feel that way anymore, and he can’t keep looking into your eyes and lying to you.

8. Compliments are ancient history

Did he stop complimenting you? I’m assuming you’ve immediately started thinking that it’s your fault, right? Maybe you gained weight or got a few wrinkles on your face.

Well, it’s not your fault even if those things are true. Complimenting your loved one is a clear sign of showing affection, and your husband obviously feels that he shouldn’t be affectionate with you.

9. Fighting has become a regular part of your marriage

If you can no longer have any normal conversation with him and he says that you are at fault for all the problems between you two, it’s obvious that he has no problem in making you feel bad.

The truth is, every marriage goes through some rough patches. And, that’s why you should check if this is something that will be present in your life for only a short time or if it will continue longer before you confront him about it.

Whatever you do, don’t let your happiness slip through your fingers. Instead, try to save your relationship by asking him about the reasons he feels and acts that way.

If he still cares, he’ll be happy that you asked, and you’ll find a way to deal with it together.

10. He became the master of the blame-shifting technique.

Constant picking fights and blame-shifting are the most serious red flags that he doesn’t love you anymore.

Blame-shifting is a common tactic that people who don’t have the guts to break something off on their own use to get you to leave first.

That’s how they can blame everything on you later on when you leave.

They’ll say it’s not them, it’s you – you were the one who left, while no one actually knows what he did to you to get you to that point.

11. He’s irritated when you speak

Whatever you say, it’s stupid to him. If you talk about your company and the great things that you’ve achieved at work and he still thinks it’s stupid, then it’s obvious that your man doesn’t respect you.

Just imagine how he would feel if you did the same thing to him? He’d probably leave you the second you told him that he was boring. You don’t deserve someone who will disrespect you like this.

You deserve a loving and caring man who’ll be your support. So, don’t let him belittle you just so he can feel okay.

He should know that the key to a great relationship is actually good communication and that you two should be open about everything.

Tell him that in case he is not in love with you anymore, he can move on and have a great life, but this time, without you.

12. The constant criticism is driving you crazy

It’s one thing when someone criticizes you to help you become better and stronger. That’s called constructive criticism. There is nothing mean or harmful in that.

Actually, you’ll have no problems discerning whether someone is criticizing you for your own good or just to hurt you.

If your husband is constantly up your business about things you cannot change, like your looks or your personality, and if he doesn’t let go even after telling him he’s hurting and insulting you, then his “benevolent” words are actually designed to undermine you.

13. He is trying to destroy your self-esteem

It’s like he wants to make you believe that you’re unworthy of love. Or, more precisely, his love. He’s doing it just so he can be ‘clean’ once he ends things with you.

However, you should never allow anyone to even think about damaging or hurting your self-esteem. Believe me, that’s the most valuable part of yourself. If your man tries to make you feel insecure, you should end things between you ASAP.

Although it’s easy to say to someone, “leave him,” it’s not that easy to actually do it.

Even though you’re already brokenhearted and angry with disappointment, some warm feelings are still present.

So please, if this happens, cut the cord as soon as possible and try to keep your self-esteem.

14. A sudden rise of unrealistic expectations

You always had healthy expectations of each other and of your marriage. But now, that has also changed.

Your husband has suddenly started setting some truly unrealistic expectations, and he even gets mad when you tell him they’re unreachable.

He does it only because he doesn’t feel the same about you anymore, probably has someone else, and wants to make you leave him. He obviously doesn’t have the guts to be fair and put things in the right way.

15. He became cold and distant

If your man acts unavailable and cold when he is with you, even if you try to talk to him and solve the problem, there’s definitely something serious happening there.

If this continues to happen for a long time, he definitely doesn’t feel anything for you anymore. And it gets probably even more serious than you thought.

Not only does he not love you anymore, but he’s also probably already over you.

He’s just using you and he doesn’t even want to make some effort for you or your marriage. Maybe he was in love with you before, but something has definitely changed.

On the other hand, maybe he never actually loved you, but he made you think he did.

It was something that he needed at that time, but he has changed his opinion now. If that’s the case, you need to know that a guy who doesn’t know what he wants is not someone you need to be mixed up with.

16. Spending time with you is at the bottom of his priority list

The fact is that when you love someone, you will want to spend all the time possible with that person. And, if you see your husband doesn’t want to spend time with you like he used to, feel free to ask him what the reason is.

If your man doesn’t spend enough time with you or your kids, this is a huge red flag that something is off.

He’d rather spend time with his best friends and co-workers than with you, and it should be the opposite. You and your family should always be his main priority.

When your husband stops spending time with you, it is a clear indication that he doesn’t find you interesting anymore or that the two of you don’t have any good topics to talk about. Or, maybe he found someone he’s more eager to spend his time with.

Now, what you can do is to talk to him openly. Tell him that it’s okay if he lost interest, but that he should have let you know about that change.

17. He isn’t willing to compromise

Okay, there are some things we should never compromise in a marriage; however, the real problem arises when your spouse refuses to compromise at all.

It’s an even bigger issue if he was willing to make compromises before, but now, all of a sudden, he strongly opposes it.

Through his unwillingness to compromise, he only shows you that he doesn’t give a damn about you or your marriage.

Now, the question is: are you sure you want to compromise your own peace of mind and happiness for staying with such a man?

18. Demands for (a lot of) space

Okay, everyone needs space. Everyone needs an hour or two during the day for themselves.

But when this “alone time” becomes more frequent than it used to be, if your man is gone for hours or even days, then it’s an alarming sign that he’s trying to escape your marriage.

Even when you manage to have some time with him, he’ll be completely disconnected. I mean, he’ll be present physically, but he’ll be emotionally elsewhere.

In the end, you will lose the urge to spend time with him, because spending time with someone who obviously doesn’t want to be by your side only makes things worse.

Forcing quality time on him will only make the awkward situation between you even weirder.

19. He’s bored with you

It’s normal that in a long-term relationship there will be times when you’ll be bored with your spouse, and you just need to do some interesting things with him.

But if you see that your husband is bored only when he is with you and not when he’s doing his own thing, that’s a sign that something is terribly wrong.

Maybe there is another woman in his life and he is only thinking about her. Maybe he’s coming up with ways to meet her as soon as possible, and everything you say is boring to him.

Or perhaps there are problems he’s going through, but if he doesn’t talk to you and if you annoy him every time you say something, that’s not a good sign.

Sadly, based on what you’re reading, it seems that your relationship doesn’t have that much time left. If this behavior continues over a long period, it is a bad sign that your husband isn’t in love with you anymore.

20. Lack of intimacy

If he doesn’t want to be intimate with you, it means one of two things: either he has someone else to do that with or that he doesn’t find you attractive anymore.

Whatever the reason might be, the situation is definitely not good enough for a healthy relationship. And the fact is that lack of intimacy is one of the most obvious signs that your husband doesn’t love you.

I know things like this hurt, but if you still love him, you can try to win him back.

You can use some women’s tricks and invite him to bed, and thereby try to spice up your physical relationship. But if he doesn’t react very well to your tactic, it is time to say the final goodbye.

21. Or, on the other hand, intimacy is the only field of your marriage that actually works

Yes, this can also be one of the signs that something is so completely wrong in your love life.

If he doesn’t want to have sex with you, it can be a subtle sign that he has found love in another place.

On the other hand, if he wants to have more sex than usual, or showing some new moves, that’s also a reason for concern because he had to have learned them somewhere.

Sex life and physical intimacy should be a big and important part of every healthy relationship; however, it should never become the only thing important.

If your husband wants sex without intimacy, it’s a clear sign that he’s using you. He doesn’t love you, nor does he care for your feelings… he only cares about fulfilling his own physical needs.

22. You behave more like two roommates than romantic partners

It’s important for him to understand that you need to be intimate with him, and that if he doesn’t give you what you need, you’ll become distant. Actually, you’ll start growing apart.

Tell him that living like two complete strangers with someone you love is not what works for you and that you aren’t planning to play by his rules. If he doesn’t want to listen to you, pack your bags and leave.

Don’t cry over spilled milk. Move on with your life. There is someone special waiting for you out there.

23. Your emotional connection is damaged

According to the famous psychologist, Dr. John Gottman, emotional disconnection is the main cause of most arguments and issues in a relationship.

To be honest, this doesn’t have to be only his guilt. That’s why you should work on improving your emotional connection. Suggest getting help from a marriage counselor.

If your man refuses to do anything about it, then he doesn’t care about saving your marriage, and that means it is high time to dump him.

If you’re giving him all your love and affection and he shows complete disinterest in making you happy, a man like that is not worthy of being in your life.

24. He looks at your marriage with jaundiced eyes

The moment your husband drops out from trying to solve problems, you know it’s over. When he no longer sees the point in fighting for your marriage, it’s already dead.

All men are natural problem solvers. When they see a problem, they try as hard as possible to find the solution.

They do this on a daily basis in their everyday life, which naturally includes you.

If he reaches the point where he’s sick and tired, and he has no strength to fight for your happiness, he’s probably thinking he doesn’t want to anymore, because… what’s the point?

He probably doesn’t even love you anymore, he just hasn’t admitted that to himself yet.

25. He doesn’t even care about things you ask him to do

Whenever you ask him to help you with something, he either keeps quiet or tells you that he doesn’t want to do it… he doesn’t help you with chores, kids, or anything else that you used to do together before.

This is a prominent sign that he doesn’t care about you at all anymore. And, you shouldn’t put up with such behavior because you know it’s definitely not something you deserve.

The bottom line is, you can break every relationship down to the basics – you’re holding hands or you’re not, meaning he’s there for you or he’s not. It’s that simple.

26. He never misses you

When partners don’t see each other for a while, the first time their eyes meet when they reunite can pretty much go hand in hand with the first time you noticed each other and fell in love.

That is love. You are equally happy to see your partner, whether you’ve been apart for two days or two months.

If your husband acts indifferent when you return home from a couple of days long trip, then your relationship is under serious threat of falling apart.

Sometimes the signs are even more obvious that your husband was way happier when you weren’t around.

When you come back home, he is transparently unhappy that you’re back. If that’s not a good enough sign that he doesn’t love you, I don’t know what is.

27. He became selfish

He was never selfish because you were always his top priority. Now, things have changed, and it feels like he’s concerned excessively about himself.

If his priorities have changed, it’s an obvious sign that his feelings have changed, too.

You really don’t deserve someone who will only pay attention to you when he’s in the mood; one who will ignore you every time you need him. Basically, the point is that it wouldn’t be much of a waste to kick that selfish, egomaniac out of your life.

28. And, way too secretive

He stays up late, he texts for hours with someone, he starts hiding his phone from you… and every time you ask him about those things, he simply changes the subject of conversation.

You think that you should doubt him, but it’s impossible not to because of all those obvious signs around him. He is hiding something, and that’s probably the reason why he has changed his behavior towards you…

29. There are some obvious traces of infidelity

There are men who are prone to cheating, and they never change.

The thing is, women can sense when their men cheat on them. So if you think something isn’t right, it probably isn’t.

You can see it by his changed behavior, his indifference, his lack of communication, and in the end, his lack of love.

Try to get to the bottom of it, and if it does turn out that he’s being unfaithful, leave him as soon as possible. Don’t let him make a fool out of you; you don’t deserve that.

30. You keep discovering his ‘white lies’

And, they’re everywhere. In addition to the way he behaves, he makes up some lame excuses and lies to you as well, which will be obvious from the start.

Every time you confront him about it, he gets nervous and accuses you of not trusting him. Yep, that’s the favorite manipulation technique of most men. The art of blame-shifting.

31. He became overly protective of his phone

Why? It’s obvious… he’s hiding something from you.

When you truly love someone, there are no secrets, passwords, or any hidden thing between you. When you truly love someone, you don’t do things that make them doubt your fidelity.

32. At the same time, he stopped being protective of you

He used to be all kind, sweet, and protective of you, but as time passed, that beautiful feeling slowly vanished.

That is most definitely a sign that he doesn’t love you anymore. Love cannot disappear with time. It can only grow stronger or change forms; it can never vanish.

33. He isn’t jealous when another man approaches you

Jealousy is truly misunderstood by so many married couples. Small doses of jealousy are actually healthy for your marriage because it’s a surefire sign of true love.

That’s why you should actually be worried when your partner stops being jealous.

If another man approaches you or if someone sends you a text and your husband shows complete indifference, it’s a bad sign he doesn’t love you anymore.

34. Even worse, he flirts with other women in front of you

If your guy has never shown interest in other women, but he does now, it’s time to face the fact that he has changed and that he wants different things now.

If he didn’t have the need to flirt with other women until now, it’s an obvious sign that something has changed.

And, he has every right to fall out of love. However, he should be fair enough to end things with you properly before he makes any stupid mistake.

35. He became abusive

This doesn’t have to mean that he is physically abusing you… he might do it emotionally or verbally.

However, each and every one of those types of abuse has the same meaning; the person who’s abusing you doesn’t give a single damn about you.

You need to show him that he can lose you in a second, and that he’ll never be able to win you back after how he has belittled you.

A man like this doesn’t deserve to have a woman like you in his life, so make sure to let him know that you can live without him. Trust me, your happiness will hurt him more than you think.

In the end, I just want you to know that you shouldn’t think it’s all your fault. I am highlighting this since many women believe they were at fault for being abused, which is way too wrong.

36. You always have to tread carefully around him

He objects to your behavior and he always has something to say, some negative comment to deliver – in a way, subtly telling you to stop what you’re doing.

He’s a ticking time bomb, and to make things clear, he can’t put up with you anymore.

If you haven’t changed, if you’re acting precisely the same as at the beginning, then it’s not your fault.

It is he who’s making you change and walk around on eggshells not to accidentally say something wrong that’ll trigger his anger.

37. He wants you to change all of a sudden

Why? He fell in love with you, the real you… why does he have the need to change you right now?

In my opinion, that is just one of his unrealistic expectations. He is slowly falling out of love with you, and either he thinks that it could make him fall in love with you again or he simply wants to make you file for divorce.

38. He is bad-mouthing you in front of others

A man that talks bad about you behind your back doesn’t love you and that’s a surefire fact.

There are a few possible reasons, but the thing is that this act is unforgivable. You two should be the ones who stand beside each other in the worst situations, and defend one another from everything and everyone.

39. He even tries to turn your loved ones against you

If he does this, it’s probably because he already knows that divorce is inevitable, and he tries to keep as many of your close friends and loved ones as possible.

Many people divorce; that’s nothing new. However, showing this level of disrespect and hate is definitely something that can’t be seen every day.

40. He doesn’t even try to apologize for his wrongdoings

If you try to save your marriage, it’s completely normal that you show your husband his mistakes and expect him to repent of them.

However, it seems like that apology you’ll never get. The worst thing is that he doesn’t even try to fix them, but he keeps repeating them… I’m sorry, but things are official now; your man fell out of love with you.

41. He keeps breaking his promises

He’s probably aware of the consequences of his actions, but he doesn’t care about it at all.

To save your marriage, talk to your husband first. Sit down like two adults and try to sort things out in a civilized fashion.

Then, if you can’t reach a consensus, try therapy. Maybe you need someone to help you communicate with each other in order to solve your problems.

If that doesn’t work either, then it’s done and dusted: go your separate ways.

42. Date nights are drifting into oblivion

Be honest now… when was the last time you two had a romantic and fun date night? And, I don’t mean double dates you had with your friends or going out with the rest of your family members.

I mean when did you two enjoy a night out completely alone… I bet it was so long ago that you can’t even remember the exact date.

I know that with time, most married couples fall into the rut of boredom. However, there is always a cause of those stalemates, and the only way you can save your marriage from that rut is precisely by finding out the real cause.

43. He starts to cut you out of his plans

Feels awful, right? The person who promised you’ll be the greatest and most important part of their life forever is now excluding you from their plans for the future.

I only hope that the pain you’re currently feeling deep in your heart will make you realize the real truth… he doesn’t love you anymore, and he is looking for a way to leave you or make you leave him.

44. Excuses, excuses, and more excuses

If he uses some lame excuse every time you try to talk about your marital problems, it’s a huge red flag that he’s either hiding something or he has stopped loving and caring for you.

Now comes a piece of important relationship advice for you: stop believing in his stupid excuses and don’t let him make a fool out of you!

And, know that the real truth is not behind his words, but his actions.

45. He treats everyone else way better than he does you

And, what do you think? Why is that? Well, obviously it’s because he doesn’t care for you like he used to. And, that leads us to the next logical conclusion; he doesn’t care nor love you anymore.

Also, you should know that the moment you stop being at the top of his priority list is the moment someone else has taken that place.

46. He is never there when you need him the most

When you agree on marrying someone, you promise that you’ll always be there by their side… in the good and in the bad.

If your man has broken this vow, it’s a prominent sign he doesn’t love you anymore.

He should be your best friend, your partner in crime, your greatest support, and most importantly, your rock. The moment he stops being any of these, be sure that his love for you is slowly fading away.

47. Your gut feeling is screaming that his feelings have changed

When your husband falls out of love, you simply feel it deep down in you. And, even though you try to suppress it or try to bury that feeling deep down in you, it keeps coming to the surface and you have no other choice but to accept and confront it.

A woman’s inner feeling is a very serious thing, even though, UNFORTUNATELY, most of us aren’t aware of it, and that’s why it should never be ignored.

I strongly believe that God gifted us with that 7th sense to protect us from being hurt by men who don’t deserve us. So, stop trying to silence your gut and, for once in your life, listen to what it has to say.

48. In the end, he admits that ‘something’ has changed

Yes, in the end, your man won’t be able to keep lying to you, and he’ll finally gather the courage to spill the beans. He’ll finally be man enough to admit that his feelings for you have changed.

However, until then, you should really look out for all of these telltale signs above that your husband isn’t in love with you anymore.

I can’t promise that it’ll help you avoid heartbreak because that’s truly unavoidable in a situation like this. But, it’ll surely reduce the effects and help you recover faster.

49. Or, suggests ‘taking a break’

Some married couples agree on taking a break from each other when they’re going through a rough patch. Of course, in most cases, they never get back together, and that ‘break’ becomes a divorce.

You can’t press the pause button on your marriage. It’ll only create greater distance and complicate things between you even more.

If your man suggests taking a break right after you confront him about your doubts, it’s just a clear sign he’s a coward. He’s a weak man who doesn’t have the guts to stand in front of you after so much time spent together and admit the truth while looking you in the eyes.

50. You too are slowly falling out of love

This is completely normal, and you should definitely not blame yourself for it. You can’t spend your life loving someone who clearly isn’t and never will be ready to reciprocate it to you in the right way.

Now, all you need to do is follow your heart.

However, you should know that staying with a man like that will hurt you more than leaving him. Staying with him will never heal your broken heart. By leaving him, on the other hand, there’s a chance for you to heal much faster than you thought.

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What Are The Signs Of A Loveless Marriage?

Disrespect, emotional disconnection, lack of intimacy, defensiveness, lack of understanding, distancing from one another, constant fighting or not fighting at all… Those are all some major signs of a loveless marriage.

I know many women who are aware of the fact that their man doesn’t love them anymore, even after years of marriage, but still, they all keep living with them like everything’s completely okay.

However, that’s not okay and it should never be.

After facing the signs indicating a lack of love in a marriage, either try to engage your husband and get him to talk about what’s bothering him or, if that plan fails, leave for good and save yourself the trouble of trying to save what cannot be saved.

The Bottom Line

What do you do if you recognize these signs your husband isn’t in love with you anymore? Well, first off, it’s important to realize that people change.

While the man you are living with may have been all charming and sweet at the beginning of the relationship, he can transform into a completely different person over the years.

Just know that it is better if you find out that your husband doesn’t love you now, instead of being in a loveless marriage for the rest of your life.

When you realize that your marriage isn’t what it is supposed to be, it will be much easier to let go of it all and find your happiness elsewhere… without a man who couldn’t keep his promise of loving you unconditionally, unselfishly, and most importantly, eternally.

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