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32 Little Signs He Is Slowly Falling For You

32 Little Signs He Is Slowly Falling For You

You’ve been seeing this guy for a while now and it’s completely normal that you’ve started catching feelings for him.

Of course, the next step is trying to figure out if he is into you too. However, the big question here is; is it even possible to see all the signs he’s falling for you hard?

Although it is generally known that not all men are touchy-feely beings and they don’t normally let their feelings out in the open, it’s not that impossible to figure out how your man feels about you and what he is actually thinking.

That’s right, guys aren’t as secretive as you might think.

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15 Early Signs He Is Slowly Falling For You

There are some very subtle signs he is slowly falling for you almost immediately after you two have bonded and gotten to know each other. I listed those signs below, so check it out.

1. He makes prolonged eye contact with you

The prolonged eye contact is so not the same as when he’s just checking you out. This is way more than that. It’s an obvious sign he is slowly falling for you.

You know those moments when you’re doing something but you also know he’s near you, you can feel his eyes on you?

So, even though you’re still concentrating on the thing you’re doing, you just take a look because in the back of your mind you know he’s staring at you. And then you catch him!

You catch him staring at you but he doesn’t look away. Instead, he cracks a smile and stares at you even longer.

He’s trying to tell you with his eyes that he is falling for you hard, but can’t say it out loud – not yet. Maybe his insecurities are stopping him from making that step… maybe he’s afraid of your reaction…

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a good sign he is slowly falling for you, you’ve got one. A pretty good one!

2. You can simply feel it every time he touches you.

His touch is not an ordinary touch. His touch is the kind of touch that makes your whole body shiver and your knees weaken.

His touch is special because it’s a touch full of strong feelings for you.

It’s the way he hugs you and touches your waist when he comes home from work, or how he cuddles with you while you’re watching a movie.

It’s the way he kisses you good morning before his alarm goes off for the second time. He’s not just touching you… he is loving you with every caress.

3. He’s the one who always calls or texts first.

If a man is into you, he’ll try hard to stay in touch with you, at least through messaging on social media. He’ll never allow a day to pass by without hearing your voice, or at least, sending you a cute message.

Spending time together and regular communication are the most important building blocks for a healthy relationship, and you’ll never be able to build one without them.

That’s why if your man is the one who always reaches out first, it’s a very good sign that he’s already head over heels into you.

4. You already got a cute pet name.

If your man has already given you a cute nickname, it’s one of the most obvious signs he is slowly falling for you.

It simply means that he’s catching some romantic feelings for you and he wants to show those feelings and all the appreciation he feels for you by giving you a sweet, romantic pet name such as calling you ‘babe’.

You’re the only woman in his life he calls that way, which means you’re very special to him. Let’s just say that nickname he gave you is his way of saying that he has already fallen head over heels for you.

5. He keeps his word ALWAYS.

Other than trust, healthy and successful long-term relationships are also built on agreements and compromises.

If your guy makes some over-the-top promises that you know he won’t fulfill, or if he says one thing and does another, there is something wrong with that; he is being dishonest.

Automatically, it leads to the conclusion that there is no trust in your relationship. And, truly, without trust, you’ll never be able to connect on a deeper level.

First, you can check this by giving him simple tasks; for instance, meeting you on time for your date night.

If he says he’ll meet you in front of a restaurant at 6 p.m. sharp and he doesn’t, then this can turn into a potentially big problem in the long-term.

Note: If he didn’t show up on time for your first date, don’t even bother giving him a chance.

On the other hand, if he is planning to do things with you, and he keeps his promises, then this is a man who really cares about you and wants to build a long-term, healthy relationship with you.

This is a guy who takes your relationship and you seriously, and he wants to build a future with you.

6. He talks about you all the time.

You’ll see that he is so proud to have you as his girlfriend that he won’t be able to stop talking about you.

In every conversation he has with his friends, he’ll mention you. If this is not a clear sign he likes you more than you think, I don’t know what is.

Either it will be casual, or he’ll tell them an anecdote concerning you that is closely related to the topic at hand.

Some may think that this is too much and that these men are clingy, but when you look at it, it’s so cute, isn’t it?

Who wouldn’t want to have a guy by your side who can’t stop talking about you, loves you so much, and is proud of every little thing you do?

7. He listens carefully.

He won’t just be there physically when you’re talking; he is not the kind of guy who’ll think about something completely different while you’re speaking.

The fact that he’s crazy in love with you will make him pay attention to every single word that you say. He’ll look directly into your eyes and absorb each and every word.

Not only that, but he’ll remember each and every little detail of your conversation. If you tell him you want to go to an Italian restaurant, but it’s impossible to get a reservation, just wait and see because a few days later, your honey is taking you to eat dinner Italian-style.

8. He notices things about you that others don’t.

This is the easiest way to tell if a guy likes you, and it is the tell-tale sign that he’s falling for you hard.

He notices things about you that other people fail to see. These could be sweet things, but it could be your flaws and quirks, too.

Don’t worry… when a man falls in love with you, he’ll accept and embrace all your imperfections, and he will love those parts of you as much as he loves the other ones, too.

To him, it doesn’t matter. To him, whatever you do differently and whatever you do that makes you unique, he adores.

9. He isn’t afraid to open up to you.

In the early stages of your relationship, your man probably won’t share things from his personal life with you.

However, when you manage to make him open up to you, when he starts revealing the personal and intimate details about himself, it’s a great sign he is slowly falling for you.

If your man puts up a wall every time you try to talk with him about his true feelings, it might be a warning sign that he doesn’t love or trust you.

The best relationship advice anyone can give you to help you lower or completely break those walls he built is to simply give him some space and arm yourself with patience. Anything else than that might actually drive your man away.

10. He spends all of his free time with you.

If his main priority is spending time with you… If your man simply can’t get enough of you… then you don’t have to wonder ‘is he falling in love with me’ anymore because the answer is pretty obvious.

He doesn’t even have to say those three words, ‘I love you’, because his actions reveal his true feelings.

He wants to spend all of his free time with you, yet at the same time he doesn’t want you to get tired of him, so when you need space, he will gladly give it to you.

You don’t have to make special plans to “lure” him to your place. You don’t have to mention sex or romance.

He’ll be there even if you just veg on the couch for a movie night with a bowl of popcorn and nothing more.

11. He treats you with respect.

Respect should be present without even mentioning it. Since there are so many relationships where there isn’t mutual respect, this becomes a must if you’re entering into a romance with someone.

You’d be surprised how many women get blinded by love and completely ignore the fact that the man is not showing any respect toward them.

Later on, they hope he will change and gain respect, but that rarely happens. The fact is that if your partner disrespects you, it is a clear red flag that he isn’t into you and that your relationship isn’t going anywhere.

Anyway, if the man in your life shows interest in your life overall, it means he cares about what you’re up to, which leads to the conclusion that he respects you enough to be involved in your life.

12. He becomes your best friend.

He is a person you have so much fun with and at the same time you have strong feelings for him.

Before you met him, you didn’t know it is possible to have romance and friendship all wrapped up in one person; you always divided the two.

You enjoy being around him and he loves being around you.

You do stuff together, not because you have to, but because any errand or obligation is more fun and easier when he’s around. That’s the man you’ve been looking for; don’t let him go.

13. He survives a chick flick.

You might think that this is a weird sign he’s falling for you, but it’s definitely a good one. Even though he’ll probably be bored to death. But if you want to see a cheesy romance movie, he’ll suck it up like a man and endure it just because he’s in love with you.

And while he’s at it, he’ll pretend like he’s having the best time ever.

He won’t let you see that he is bored because he knows it will ruin your night. A man who loves you deeply will go out of his way for you.

He’ll do things that don’t interest him just because it will make you happy – and never expect you to return the favor.

14. He shows interest in things you like.

I know that you don’t expect him to love everything that you love. It’s completely natural and healthy for two partners to have completely different and individual interests.

However, if he’s into you, he’ll show genuine interest in all things that make you happy. I’m not saying that those things will find their way into his sphere of interest too, but he’ll definitely show respect for them.

For example, if you have a few hobbies, he’ll show interest in one of them and he’ll try to share that hobby with you. And that will be of huge significance for strengthening your emotional bond.

15. He is willing to make compromises.

Making compromises means being unselfish. Who wouldn’t want everything to go their way, especially in a relationship? Think about it, you want to go out, he has to come with you.

You want to watch a flick, he has to watch it with you. Or you simply do everything he wants to do. Anyhow, that approach to a relationship is not healthy.

So, if you notice that your man is meeting you halfway, especially when you’re dealing with situations he’s stubborn about, it’s a very clear sign he’s falling for you.

True love is selfless.

17 Undeniable Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With You

The bottom line is that when a guy is falling for you hard, you’ll definitely know it, but only if you pay good attention to the way he behaves.

On the other hand, if you’re still not sure how your man feels about you, read this list of subtle yet sure-fire signs a man is falling in love with you.

If you’re looking for good relationship advice, this is the best you’ll get!

1. He helps you become the best you can be

You are not worried when you’re with him. You don’t think about all the things that can go wrong.

He simply brings out the best in you and his presence motivates you to become the best version of yourself.

When you think about it, the point of every healthy relationship is to push each other to be better and smarter.

If your partner doesn’t challenge you and inspire you to be the best you can be, then he really doesn’t care, does he? It’s a clear red flag he isn’t that interested in you or what becomes of you.

2. He stays in your life in good and bad days

He wants to be a part of your life and not just in the good times, but through the bad times, too.

If he’s only pretending to love you, his fake love will be revealed through his behavior.

For instance, when you’re not feeling alright, he will move away instead of asking you if everything is okay.

When you’re dealing with some kind of a crisis, he will pretend like everything is okay just so he doesn’t have to be your support.

But this man – a man who is falling for you hard – is there even when you’re falling apart.

He is willing to make sacrifices and risk himself being unhappy only to be by your side and protect you when you need him the most.

3. He buys you gifts and spoils you

Okay, it doesn’t have to be like this and it’s wrong to expect someone to act this way.

But if he really does buy you gifts and surprises you just because he wants to, then it’s a big sign he’s falling for you hard.

All he wants at this point is to make you happy and smile. The greatest reward he can get is to see you grin from ear to ear.

If he is truly, madly, deeply in love with you, he will spoil you and make sure that nothing is ever missing from your life.

You’re his girl and best friend, and his life’s mission is to make sure that you’re the happiest woman alive. Isn’t that just perfect? Isn’t that the biggest sign he loves you?

4. He introduces you to his loved ones

When a man decides to introduce the woman he’s dating to his family and friends, it’s a huge milestone in their relationship.

That’s simply a turning point for that couple, a huge step to a serious, committed relationship.

If your man has already introduced you to his circle of close people, it’s a great sign he’s falling for you hard. It means that he thinks there’s a chance you’re the one, the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

5. There is a strong emotional connection

Physical attraction is always one of the first things a man is looking for in a woman. Usually, these relationships enter the honeymoon phase and when it’s over, the relationship ends.

While there is a possibility that true love comes from a physical relationship, it’s not that often.

If you’re not willing to risk your heart getting broken only to see if he’s going to develop deeper feelings for you, step away right at the beginning.

For example, if a man is looking for a reason to get close to you while there isn’t a chance of physical contact, take it as a good sign.

On the basis of his emotional experience with you, he has come to the conclusion that he wants to spend more time with you because you’re interesting.

There is an emotional connection between the two of you and he wants to see where it goes.

You should also be ready to pure your heart and your true feelings out to him. It also means that if you want him to trust you, you need to prove to him that you’re worthy of that trust.

The fact is that building a serious, healthy relationship is ALWAYS a two-way street.

6. You share the same values

You are different people and you like different things, but the core is the same.

You value the same things, so your life goals are the same. When you have something like that in common, it’s easier to accomplish these goals because you’re doing it together.

Because of the same core values, falling in love is the next logical step. So, if it hasn’t happened yet, it will happen very soon.

7. He ALWAYS puts you first

A man who prioritizes you over everything and everyone else is the man who truly loves you. A man who appreciates you and who would never risk losing you no matter what.

He’ll never be too busy to reply to your text and he’ll never be too tired to miss a date night with you. He’ll never allow you to feel neglected in any way because he simply doesn’t want to make you doubt his true feelings and intentions.

When a guy finds the one, that special woman he wants to grow old with, he’ll do whatever it takes to make her feel like a true queen. He’ll prioritize her to make her understand that she takes a special place in his life and that no other person could ever take her place.

If your man has proven to you that you’re at the very top of his priority list, it’s a very obvious sign he’s falling in love with you.

8. He showers you with attention

When a man is falling in love with you, he’ll do just about anything to make you feel comfortable and happy in your relationship. He’ll also want to make you feel respected, loved, appreciated and cherished.

The man who loves you will always be there for you and he’ll make it clear that you can always count on him, no matter what.

He’ll give you genuine compliments on a daily basis. He’ll also encourage you with words of affirmation to help you achieve everything you put your mind to.

He’ll only be focused on making you happy and loved. So, all in all, if your man keeps his attention focused on you, it’s a good sign he’s slowly falling for you.

9. He makes future plans with you

He’ll commit to you and make plans with you. Commitment is the last piece of the puzzle in a healthy relationship and, of course, it’s one of the most significant stages of a relationship.

When you get your guy to commit to you, you can be sure that your love will last forever. You can be positive that your love life has taken the right turn.

First, you start with little things, such as getting him to fulfil his promises and make small plans for the immediate future, like where to go for dinner.

Later on, that dinner turns into a concert, the concert turns into a small trip to the country, and so on.

10. He’s always up for new adventures

If your guy makes a great effort when it comes to planning your dates, it’s a great sign he’s falling for you. It simply shows that he wants to make you comfortable around him and most of all, that he wants you to enjoy every second of your relationship.

Men who just want a casual relationship are never that innovative with date ideas. It’s simply Netflix & Chill all the time for them. They don’t want to make any effort because they don’t care for the other side at all.

On the flip side, if your man is interested in you, he’ll try to figure out what you like to do and every new date will simply be a new adventure for the both of you.

11. He doesn’t notice other girls

His eyes are fixated only on you. He doesn’t need to go on Instagram to search for hot girls to follow.

He doesn’t need to search for random girls on Facebook or in real life just to have them as backups.

He has you and you are more than enough for him. Seeing you, touching you, and being close to you every day is all he needs – all he needs to fall in love with you even more.

12. He’s (unsuccessfully) hiding his jealousy

He tries hard to hide it but he’s jealous whenever another man approaches you. It’s actually a good thing because that means he isn’t one of those possessive types of men, but he simply can’t stand when other guys hit on you.

To be honest, we all feel a little bit jealous when the person we love is flirting with someone else. It’s simply a natural response of our heart and our emotions, and it’s truly something we can’t affect.

However, that’s healthy jealousy. It’s a good sign he cares about you and it shows that he doesn’t want to share you with anyone else.

13. He’s understanding and forgiving

The fact is that we’re all weak human beings with some flaws and imperfections and we all make mistakes sometimes. Thereby, we all deserve to be forgiven and given a second chance.

However, most men have a hard time forgiving the woman they love for her wrongdoings because their male ego simply can’t bear it. They think it’ll make them look weak and less manly.

If your man has already forgiven you for some little things and mistakes you’ve done, it’s a great sign that he’s falling for you. He simply doesn’t want to allow those stupid, little things to ruin your love and happiness.

14. He wants to take things slow

I know that you’re thinking right now how this is a very weird sign he’s falling for you, but trust me, it’s fully credible.

When a man wants to take things slow with you, it simply means that he respects you and that his intentions with you are honest and serious.

He wants to bond with you on a deeper level and to build trust and respect before you decide to take your relationship to the next level.

He’s surely falling in love with you but the thing is that he wants to be completely sure of his feelings before you enter a more serious relationship.

15. His main priority is making you happy

And the most important of all the signs – you are happy. Simply put, without any explanations, you just are.

Perhaps you’ve been searching your whole life for that feeling, for that man who makes you feel like that.

Now that you’ve met him, you’re no longer searching, but you’re living what you dreamt of.

He perhaps hasn’t said he loves you yet, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

If he does all the things from this list or most of them, and he says he loves you, then you have no reason to worry – you’ve landed a jackpot relationship!

16. He misses you like crazy when you aren’t around

Maybe he won’t say the exact words ‘I miss you’ when you’re separated, but you’ll definitely see it through his behavior.

He’ll reach out constantly and he’ll even show some signs of jealousy if you don’t reply instantly to his texts. He might send you a selfie of you two or post it on his social media which will be a pretty clear sign that he’s thinking about you and missing you.

He’ll probably try to hide his emotions and play it cool but it’ll simply be impossible not to see that he’s actually missing you like crazy.

17. And finally; he tells you that he loves you directly

It’s the final stage, the phrase that is the easiest to feel but the hardest one to say out loud, especially for men. However, sooner or later he’ll come clean about his true feelings for you and he’ll finally confess his love.

Sure, some guys use this when they badly want to get a girl in bed, when they don’t mean it just to get what they want.

That said, if the guy you’re with is so into you that he’s prepared to make himself vulnerable by saying these three words, you can be sure the deal is sealed.

How do you know if a guy is catching feelings for you?

Trust me, you just have to pay attention to some little things that might seem irrelevant to you at first sight. For example, the way he behaves when he’s around you.

It’s their body language and the way they behave that gives them away.

If you look at them more closely and pay attention to the way they behave, you won’t have any problem reading the signs that he’s head over heels in love with you.

When a guy likes you, it can go down in one of two ways: he can be shy and try to hide it, but his nerves and the fact that he loses himself in your presence will give him away in an instant; or he doesn’t have to be shy, yet for some reason, he likes you but hides it.

In both scenarios, falling in love with you is not something he’ll admit right away. He’ll wait for that love to turn out to be true love before he admits it to anyone.

If this is the case, he’ll be throwing some subtle signs he’s falling for you, and sending all kinds of signals to make you aware that he likes you, and if you take his bait, he’ll go all in.

It’s just because he really needs to be sure that you like him back, and that you’re the one he has been waiting for before he makes things official.

In Closing

I really hope that my list of subtle signs he’s falling for you has helped you figure out how your man feels about you.

Even if you’ve recognized just a few of these behavioral patterns in your partner, you should consider yourself lucky because your guy has already fallen for you hard.

The one thing that will always expose a man who is in love is definitely his body language. It’s simply something that they can’t control.

When a man is falling in love with you, those butterflies in his stomach make him act in a very silly and strange way every time you’re close.

Now that you’ve concluded that your man is deeply into you, you can wait for him to come clean about how he feels about you or you can speed things up and make the first move yourself. I mean really, what’s wrong with a woman making the first step, right?