1. He can’t help but smile when he is around you.

When you like someone you can’t help but smile when you see them. Your subconscious sends you signals that the person approaching you is someone who might be important to you.

Constantly smiling when they talk to you is the perfect giveaway for someone who has been thinking about you. Even though he barely knows you, he has probably been thinking about talking to you and that’s what causing that cute grin on his face. A smile is one of the first signs someone is thinking about you.

2. He will want you close.

He will make excuses to be around you. He will accidentally bump into you. You will see him much more than you ever did before. If you are out having brunch with some mutual friends, he will come up with a way to sit next to you or across the table from you. He wants you in his sightline.

3. He looks at you when he thinks you are not looking at him.

When you are at the same place he is always somewhere where he can see you. But every time your eyes meet he looks away, even though it’s evident he was staring at you; you could almost feel his eyes on your back. He doesn’t want it to be obvious, though, so he acts cool.

6 Early Signs He Might Be Catching Feelings For You

4. Random text messages.

He’ll text without any reason, just to stay in touch. He might even give you some weird excuses about why he is texting you, like to ask the name of a TV series you mentioned the last time you spoke or just to send some funny meme.

If texts become more and more frequent, there is a good chance he is into you. Maybe he is still not ready to admit it but his actions speak louder than words.

5. It’s important to him that your friends like him.

He always says more than hello when he bumps into you and some of your friends. He asks questions and wants to know things about their lives. He wants them to like him because he knows that the best way to a girl’s heart is if her friends like him.

6. He gets jealous of other men around you.

You might only be talking to your brother or some close friend, but if he doesn’t know them yet he will start to act weird. His facial expression will change. He will start to feel distant in conversation or he even might ask you who that guy was that you were talking to.